Candles For Survival

I had a huge wake-up call about my own survival kit a few years ago. It had to do with the emergency candles I keep stashed in my ‘Just In Case’ cupboard. Yes, that’s right. I have a Just In Case cupboard as crazy as it might sound, I just need to be prepared to […]

Essential For Survival

Since I wrote about victory gardens yesterday, then spun off on managing a survival garden, I’ve had quite a few emails and comments asking for more advice on survival essentials, gear, and emergency preparedness. Obviously you’re looking to be pro-active on preparedness. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared and it could save your life, or […]

Home Made Wine: Fermentation

Fermentation of home made wine is one of the first principles you must understand when taking up the wine hobby. Fermentation is the process by which the ‘must’ (the primary, soon-to-be-wine mixture) turns into wine. Oddly enough, even though the process is vital to our success, we have little to no control over it. Your […]

How To Make Wine

Have you ever tasted a bottle of homemade wine? It is either delicious or just awful isn’t it? At we’ve taken tips and tricks from wine making experts who have made both — and learned how to avoid the awful variety. To be honest I’ve personally made both kinds of homemade wine. More often […]

Watermelon Pickles

As for the watermelon rind pickle recipe you will find below, you may be shocked. They’re deliciously good! The flavor is slightly sweet and they make a delicious breakfast with a little Greek yogurt. These make a unique and novel gift – or you could make a huge batch and sell them at a local […]

Homemade Wine

The problems most common with making homemade wine is when a batch becomes affected by wild yeasts or acetic bacteria. Acetic bacteria is the common reason how alcohol becomes converted into acetic acid. Acetic acid is what is found in vinegars so if you have had trouble in the past with your homewines turning to […]

Making Wine

At one time in your life you’ve likely wondered how to make wine and if you could do so. If you haven’t thought about, or investigated this until now let me assure you that you can easily and inexpensively make wine at home. While some people start off the hobby with a wine making kit, […]

Garden Pond Ideas

Ideas to spruce up your garden pond by adding features that add life and interest. Two features I added this year were a small fountain and some backyard pond fish. Just these two features made me feel like I’d made over the whole backyard. The mini-makeover began when I was looking for garden pond ideas […]

Make Goat Cheese

In the quest to eat healthier, more and more people have become interested in making their own food, and making goat cheese is no exception! As a matter of fact, over 800 people a month hit the search engines looking for a goat cheese recipe! Goat cheese is highly nutritious and great for both children […]

Make Butter At Home

Can you believe for a moment that you might could make butter at home without growing muscles the size of the Incredible Hulk? If you’ve seen it done the old fashioned way, with all that stirring and shaking, you wouldn’t believe there’s an easier, modern way to make butter. It’s true. There’s a modern way […]