Can I Home School My Kids?

Everybody can home school. All fifty states legally approve the practice of homeschooling. What differs from state to state are the laws governing the home schooler’s curriculum (or program of learning).

When asking “Can I home school my kids?” consider all other facets of your life.

Home schooling is a perfect fit for the single parent who is completely dedicated to their child’s upbringing while they run a home business. I did it for years and loved the tight bond I formed with my daughter as a result.

So what exactly is home schooling and who is doing it? It has been defined as an alternative form of education and the variances to how children are taught in this setting are wide. There are approximately two million people in the United States that are actively home schooling. It completely fills up the role of institutional learning. In homeschooling, both parent and child work together to determine the extent of their learning.

Home schooling should not be confused with home study or other forms of home-based education. In the latter, the parents and children do not have a say on the content of the curriculum. Examples of these are independent school programs. Home study is usually offered to those kids who for some valid reason could not attend school, say injury.

Can I Home School My Kids? Sure as long as you can meet these requirements.

There is not much requirement for one to administer homeschooling. Some states do not even require a high school diploma from the parents. There is however, one state which requires some training program for home schooling before allowing a person to conduct it at home.

Homeschooling is preferred over institutional learning for various reasons. Some find the school curriculum questionable. Some parents think that schools cannot provide enough training to optimize the skills and talents of their children. Some are simply concerned with the issues regarding the safety and security within their local schools. Some children just do not fit in school so parents resort to homeschooling for their kids.

Not much is needed to enable one to partake in home schooling one’s own child or children. Even simple household stuff or even pets can be used to demonstrate scientific concepts. One can also borrow tools from friends and neighbors to create individual works of art or useful household items. Books can also be great learning materials. If you do not have sufficient funds to purchase the ones you need, a used bookstore and the public library are great resources, as is the internet.

Home schooling can be a very rewarding experience for the family. It provides more precious time for bonding and communication. It is not necessary for parents to be a teacher, a child educator, or particularly gifted to become a home schooling teacher. All you really need is resourcefulness (to answer a child’s questions) and a desire to take part in your child’s education.

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