Start A Garden

As my baby girl grew up, first summer camp took her away for weeks at a time, then summer jobs in town, and now she’s off to college. Seems every year when spring rolls around and I start missing her I end up with plans to start a garden. Yes, another one. After you’ve gardened […]

Garden Pond Fish

With your backyard pond ready to be filled with plants, garden pond fish, and water features – consider the health of your fish, first. Now that (of course) doesn’t mean to add the garden pond fish first and the water and plants after. No, it simply means that when you consider the fish first you’ll […]

Garden Ponds

Once my garden was in place I found myself looking for a place to sit and gaze at my tiered creation – not long afterward I found myself shopping for garden ponds. A garden pond is a wonderful feature, even in a small backyard, but it’s nothing more than a stagnant barrel without a pump. […]

Plant A Garden

Plant a garden of flowers, herbs, vegetables, shrubs, vines or berries – or a mixture of all. Your plant garden (aka green garden) is a healthy hobby which will bring you a steady food supply, keeps your body active and strong, and connects you with the earth you live on in unimaginable ways. One of […]

Organic Gardening

We’re starting anew this spring with organic gardening. As we’ve been busy building the house the last two years my existing gardens have all grown over – they’ll soon be pasture for the farm animals when we re-work the fencing anyway. I’ll be growing a completely organic garden on this patch of virgin land. It […]

Home Grown Vegetables Are Back In Style

Keeping a vegetable garden in your yard or field is an old idea made new again. In the not too distant past everyone in my neighborhood grew their own food. Without a bustling market or prolific General Store there was just no other way for distant farmers to work their land and feed their families […]

Pros and Cons of Vegetable Garden Seeds

If you are planning on starting a vegetable garden to save money the first thing that you need to consider is whether you are going to start with vegetable garden seeds or established plants from a nursery or greenhouse. Seeds are much less expensive, but take longer to grow. In most areas and with many […]

Growing Vegetables From Seed

Once you have decided whether you are growing vegetables from seed, plants, or some of each, you will then want to decide what you want to grow. Naturally, for your first project you will want to make it easy on yourself. Some of the easiest vegetables to grow from seed are: Tomatoes Peppers Cucumbers Onions […]

Your Garden Plan

Hoorah to you if you are designing a garden plan – especially so if this is your first year growing one. The amount of space you’ll want for your vegetable garden is completely dependent on what you want to grow and how much of it you’ll want to harvest. This is one of those things […]

Garden Soil Preparation

Garden soil preparation has got to be the hardest part of growing your own vegetable garden when you want to get the most out of your garden. This can be hard labor to dig up all that soil the first time, turning and feeding it. Its even more difficult if you have grass or rocks […]