Backyard Birds and Butterflies

Have you ever looked over at your neighbor's backyard and saw it absolutely alive with birds and butterflies?

And wondered if your garden could be like that?

Are you frustrated by the current state of your backyard or garden...but don't have hundreds of dollars to make bold changes?

Even if you did, would you know where to start?

Wouldn't you love to have busy backyard bird feeders with a wide variety of birds?

You can you know...

Learn How to Attract More Wild Birds and Butterflies
to Your Backyard with these Bird Feeder Success Secrets
and Garden Planning Tips

Dear Friend:

If you answered yes, you are not alone!

As a matter of fact, not that long ago I was just like you! And my backyard garden was a mess!

I had to do something with the yard around our looked like a deserted wasteland...while neighbors less than 1/4 mile away had backyards teeming with flowers, birds and butterflies!

Without much money to begin I poured over every bird, butterfly, gardening resource and supply book I could get my hands on.

That's when it hit me!

If you can strike a balance between the flowers you want and the plants that your wildlife needs, you will be richly rewarded!

With that much information you can create a garden to your own desires - plus a little bit of fun planning and planting - and have the busiest backyard and feeders!

Follow along and you'll find that:

  • It takes some pretty weird ingredients at the bird feeder to attract the shy birds.

  • There are many birds in your region that would never visit a feeder in a million years!

But you can still enjoy them in your yard if you plan it right...

You can enjoy them all from your own garden window - the local birds, the feeder birds, and the migratory birds.

They'll return year after year, raising their young right before your eyes. You'll feel proud, joyous, and blessed!

Even if you already know a lot about birds and gardening this resource will come in handy and offer some little known secrets... 

  • the real secrets to attracting more butterflies (it has nothing to do with a butterfly feeder or bush!) - page 67.

  • how to create a bird haven on a small city lot - page 3.

  • how to 'teach' local birds to eat out of your hand! - page 6,

  • 35 North American birds and what it really takes to get them to your feeder! - pages 8 and 9.

  • 3 recipes for bird treats and nectar, pages 11.

  • 7 ways to deal with squirrel pests - page 15.

  • add 'this' and double the bird population in your yard within days! Wonder what 'this' is? There's 4 pages of how-to information - 19-22.

  • the real truth about the Purple Martin and a very good reason you might not want one in your garden! Read page 28 to find out!

  • 6 ways to get that woodpecker to stop hammering on your house! Find them plus a pile of other pesty problems starting on page 40.

  • what type of feeder you need to buy and what to put in it to attract your favorite bird! Save money and hassle - only attract the birds you want in your yard using the table on page 17 & 18.

  • the one thing you need to all the do's and don'ts to ensure your get bird babies hatching in your garden - pages 23-38!

  • and much, much more birding success information.

Plus an entire section on gardening...

  • 2 weeds you should never be without - page 45 and 46

  • Myth or truth? Is insect repellant dangerous to local birds? Get the facts on page 47

  • 5 pages of reference tables! Trees, shrubs, vines, perennials and annuals that birds and butterflies are attracted to, in zones 2-9, including their bloom time - page 49 -54.

  • How to map out your garden for birding success on your very own design worksheet (Actually I'll even give you my blank worksheet and show you how to use it! You'll use this over and over again from year to year.) pages 57 - 62.

  • How to use those useless pre-designed garden plans as a learning tool! I'll even share my own with you, show you the list of plants I'm adding, you'll already know the reasons why when you get to this section, and you'll easily get started designing your own garden - FOR YOUR OWN TASTES! Starts on page 63.

Here's what you'll get...

  • a 75+ page book in a medium type size that you can enlarge on your monitor if you need to,

  • with over 45 photos and drawings,

  • invaluable bird, butterfly and plant charts and tables to get you started quickly,

  • the professional backyard designer secret, how to use pre-designed garden plans  to create your very own beautiful backyard easily,

  • your own garden planning worksheet that you can use over and over again for any sized garden or lot!,

  • backyard birder's success secrets (i.e. when to start, when to stop, what to feed, problem birds and much more).

  • the truth about attracting butterflies,

  • and much, much more!

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