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A New Set or Used Golf Clubs?

You may have read or heard from another golfer that if you don’t buy the right golf clubs, you will end up playing a terrible game every time. Bunk I say! Here is what you really need to know about buying clubs that fit you perfectly.

Callaway Golf Equipment

It’s a known fact that Callaway Golf Equipment is some of the best. The Callaway corporation has been making golf clubs and accessories for both amateur and pro golfer for may years. As one of the top suppliers to golfers around the world, if you need new clubs, shoes or a bag, you will want [...]

Country Folk Sport Teams

In the country we play a lot of team sports. Not only does it facilitate neighbors and family spending more time together, but it keeps us in top shape and alleviates stress. Over the years we’ve been on softball teams, horseshoe leagues, basketball teams and tournaments, soccer and hockey. If you’re a parent, you may [...]