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For those of us who have grown up and lived in cold, snowy conditions we have all probably participated in the recreation of snowmobiling at one time or another. But how about taking off for a day with friends and family for a day’s ride? There’s little else better to help you enjoy winter, than [...]

Teen Summers – Getting them Outdoors

Who doesn’t love being outside on a nice day? I’ll tell you who…teenagers (and adults too I guess) that are stuck to their computers or cell phones or who care nothing about the world outside unless it’s showing on a television screen. Trust me, I’m not making any judgement calls here – in fact it [...]

New Fun Section on GoodByeCityLife

After more than ten years of talking about tilling fields, mucking out stalls, renovating the farmhouse and making do, it is finally time to add a little country fun to the website! Kick up your heels, quad through mud, ride your mountain bike through the forest trails, stop for a bit of fishing and have [...]