Do You Have The Heart to Make Your Own Beer?

In the very popular and growing field of home brewing, there are a few who go on to greatness as makers of fine beers at home. It is from this group that you commonly see the finest of home brewing being produced and the beers that consistently win prizes at home brewing contests annually.

Those that reach that level of success have the heart of a true home brewer and they exhibit all the traits of someone who is destined to create some wonderful and delicious beers.

So what characteristics are in the personality of someone who can push on to that level of success brewing beer?

Someone who will succeed at brewing beer has a high attention to detail.

At first, you have to learn the ropes of making beer by following the instructions that come with your beer kit or equipment and learn all you can about the step by step process of making a very basic batch of good tasting beer. The future home brewer wants to learn the basics and get them down very well so his foundation is strong once the time comes to innovate and use some brewing creativity to make some truly new and interesting blends.

This person is also a fanatic about cleanliness and sanitation. Most often when you taste home made beer that is flawed, it comes from lack of attention to sanitizing the equipment and maintaining an almost operating room level quality of sanitation throughout the brewing process. To the one who is a home brewing master through and through, there is not such thing as good enough when it comes to how clean beer brewing facilities and equipment are.

Another basic personality trait in a person who is devoted to making only the finest of quality beer is patience. This patience shows itself in the willingness to shop without tiring to get the finest ingredients for the next batch of beer he makes. It shows in the willingness to only buy enough materials for one batch and then go out and buy a completely new set of materials the next time – to ensure ingredients are perfectly fresh.

So What About You? Do You Have The Heart of A Home Brewer

Can you remember the moment you first got the idea in your head to take up brewing your own beer at home? For many it is a tour of a brew pub or some other behind the scenes exposure to all that happens when good beer is made. Before that one pivotal moment, you may have never even thought about beer being made at all. The origin of beer was the liquor store or the market and that was that. But when you realized that not only does beer go through a fascinating transformation from grains, hops and malts to this delicious brew you enjoy but that you can make your own beer if you want to, that is when the idea of becoming a home brewer started to become a reality in your mind.

For others that moment of realization that home brewing could be a whole new world may have happened when you first were exposed to “real” beer, as the home brewing enthusiasts call it. That is when you sampled a brew that was not made by one of the big retail beer makers like Budweiser, Coors or Miller and you discovered what beer tasted like when it came directly from the brewing process to your glass. That may also be the day you found out what an amazing diversity of beer types, textures and flavors there were. And for many when you realize that you can find a diversity of beers that is almost as extensive as in the wine world that it is often very difficult to go back to boring old pasteurized beer again.

So if you are about to become a home brewer yourself, you are about to step into a rich and full world that is full of history, culture, tradition and new friends and associates. You won’t just take up the hobby of brewing beer, you will become a home brewer which is a unique kind of individual indeed.

It isn’t hard to define home brewing because the term is self explanatory except to go on to say that it is entirely possible for you to make high quality beer right in your own home with a small investment in equipment, the base ingredients that are readily available as well and the love and patience it will take to learn the process. But the process is not difficult which explains why home brewing is a passion and a hobby that is growing in popularity more and more every year.

The heart of home brewing is the fun, the excitement and the fulfillment creating your own batch of delicious beer can bring. But what transforms home brewing hobbyists to life long makers of beer is the challenge of always finding new blends, new methods and new ways to make their beer even more flavorful than the last batch.

Be warned. A zeal for becoming better at home brewing can be habitual. But if you get hooked, you will meet thousands of others in your town and around the country and the world who have the same addiction as you. It is a noble addiction that can provide decades of fun, satisfaction and enjoyment.

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