Getting Together: Backyard Barbeques

Whether you’re getting together with friends or thinking of hosting this year’s family reunion, the backyard barbeque is more than just a meal, it is an event to be treasured. Some people will travel quite a long way for this annual get together as it may be the only time they can catch up with old friends or family members due to the extended family, shortened vacation weeks, busy sports schedules, long work hours, aging or cost of travel.

familyreunionAlthough many families are unable to have a family reunion, with a country home and a little ingenuity, you may be able to host a fun and trip-worthy event.

Busy schedules are not the only reason family reunions are becoming a thing of the past. They are also difficult for the family who has many members living great distances away from each other – finding a common destination comfortable for all can be a challenge. If location is preventing your family from having a reunion, consider your own home and backyard. Kids love to camp out, some families will travel with a camper or tent trailer and others are so glad to be together again they’ll happily double bunk in air mattresses laid on the spare bedroom’s floor.

An advantage (or perhaps a disadvantage depending on how you look at it) to planning your own backyard family reunion is that you will be in complete charge of organizing events and meals. How many times have you been to a party and wondered why the host did or didn’t look after some particular thing? Planning your own family reunion will ensure that everything is just the way that you want it to be. While you may want to consider the suggestions offered by your other family members, you don’t necessarily have to accept them. However if you don’t mind loosening the reins on party planning you could find one or two family members to take over certain features of the event.

If you have a large family, but a small backyard, it may be impossible for you to host your next family reunion. You could still plan the meals and some visiting at your home but some members may need to stay at a nearby hotel or bunk with other, nearby relatives. With your help and suggestions, someone else may be willing to host a few family members or take on the event if they have your help with the organization and clean up.

As with any barbeque, gathering, party, or family reunion, the work is worth the time everyone gets to spend together renewing their friendships, sharing their stories and relaxing.

More Benefits of Backyard Barbeques or Family Reunions

Every year, nearly every one of us prepare a substantial portion of our nice weather meals on the barbeque. It is easy, delicious, fast and energy efficient. Therefore it only makes sense that if you love both entertaining guests and barbequing, to make the next party a backyard barbeque party.

You could easily do this every weekend of nice weather you have in your region and change up the theme or dinner guests each time. Invite friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers. If you like small gatherings or only have a small backyard, plan accordingly. Whether you get to see these people and their families on a regular basis or on rare occasions taking the time to be social in our hectic paced world keeps life in perspective. A great reason to have a party or reunion is to bring old and new together – new friends or recently wed members will enjoy the opportunity to mingle and be introduced. This is also true of communities where new neighbours have moved in.

Perhaps the best part of backyard barbeques is that most can be planned in a short period of time. While it is still advised that you plan some items ahead such as food, drinks and party games; other aspects of the get together will come together on their own or will develop during the gathering. With a little bit of planning and determination a backyard barbeque party can all come together in just a few days, even the confirmed guest list.

As you’ve seen, there are numerous benefits to hosting a backyard barbeque. Whether you have a reason, a theme, or not; put hours into the planning, or not; you will be glad that set aside the time and energy to host it.

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