Country Fun with GoodByeCityLife

Everyone – I don’t care who you are – needs a little country fun, every now and then.

A Day of Country Fun at the LakeThere’s nothing like time spent in the country when you want to get some fresh air, unwind from a hectic or stress-filled life, re-energize your senses, or reconnect with family. It seems that whenever we’ve had enough of urban civilization our first thoughts wander to getting back to nature. Need a break from the daily grind? Get to the country, the cabin, up north, or to the beach to either relax with the birds singing or let loose and unwind with an all-out 4×4 excursion.

Our Country Fun Pages

This is GoodByeCityLife’s newest section. After 11 years of publishing content online about how to survive or thrive while country living I finally realized that life can get stale without a little kick-up-your-heels country fun too. It isn’t that I haven’t been having fun for the last 11 years, only that I never thought any of it worthy of a write. Seems I was still stuck in my city girl ways thinking that fun worthy of a write was night clubbing or dining in the best restaurants – two things I haven’t done since my daughter was born and we moved to the farm.

Today I realize that a life well lived is a balanced life. Perhaps the same is true for websites. A lifestyle website must be balanced – yin and yang, work and play – side by side with their own separate purpose. Where play is a reward for hard work and hard work providing the means and reasoning for taking a break.

Outdoor Country Fun

A friend once asked me, “What do you do for fun up there in God’s country?” Well, mostly we’re outdoors having a good time. We’re riding four wheelers (Americans call them quads) through mud and forests. If that doesn’t sound like fun I invite you to try it, just once. Even the most pristine princesses have a blast and become hooked on quad running.

Sometimes you’ll find us paddling out to a quiet bay in the lake to drop in our lures for an afternoon of fishing.

If we have small kids we’re generally swimming with the neighborhood in private swimming holes that only the locals know about. Residents of all ages swing from long ropes before falling into the cool, clear water below on a hot day. If the day isn’t hot enough we’ve been known to close the car windows and blast the heat on the drive to the lake – just to be sure we’re good and hot and ready for a dip by the time we get there!

As we age and children aren’t so readily pulling on our pant legs to do something fun, you’ll find us golfing more and playing baseball less.

In the winter we’re snowmobiling for country fun, still four-wheeling, ice fishing, winter camping, and when it’s not too bitter out we’ll go for a late night horseback ride. When the ground is covered with snow and the moon is full it really is bright enough to head out on a romantic horseback ride.

Finally nothing can top a good old get together with friends, family or neighbors, for a night of music and barbequing! There’s always some local talent who’ll stop by with his guitar and strum tunes all night by the fire while others sing along and the barbeque puts out endless venison steaks, shish-kebabs, or grass-fed beef burgers. Yes, we do know how to eat good food and spend time with good people when we’re country living!

Now don’t fret if you haven’t made the move to the country yet. You still have a backyard where you can enjoy many outdoor past times with your children, community, family or friends. Away from the cell phones and emails and anything else that causes you stress – just turn it all off and focus on your task at hand, having fun.

I invite you to browse through the pages and drop me a line of your favorite activity in the country. Then, when you’re done, be sure to visit the many other sections of GoodByeCityLife – we’ve got country decorating tips, recipes, home schooling information, country crafts and much more to discover. See? Balance. Learning, discovering, working, and just a little country fun thrown in on the side.