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In Search of the Perfect Bowl

in Home Cooking

Believe it or not, your success when baking bread relies heavily on the bowl you mix and allow your dough to rise in.

Glass, pottery or ceramic is best.

Plastic, on the other hand, is the worst.

Plastic bowls often hide bacteria, flavors and smells in tiny surface nicks. The bacteria alone can kill your yeast culture. Plus, those flavors and smells can ruin the taste and aroma of your finished loaf.

Imagine the slight taste of garlic through your loaf. Sounds yummy right? Well it isn't when you toast up a slice and load it up with homemade apricot jam!

Metal bowls are inferior due to the way they conduct heat or cold. However, they'll do in a pinch. They are still acceptable. In the old days enamel bowls and large pots were often used for mixing dough.

I've included a few listings from the country store of fun and useful bowls below. We use ebay for all our Country Store products since the service is trusted and accepted world wide.

These listings change every day so please add this page to your favorites (quick link below) and be sure to check back often.

I love starting my batches in the old glass and ceramic bowls, there's just something much more 'country' about baking bread this way!

Here's a final great tip that I've always had success with. If you own one of those old stoneware crocks, use it to let your bread dough rise in! Especially when baking a large batch of bread. Mix it all up and let it rise twice in the old stoneware crock - you won't have to worry about heat loss or temperature changes that way. 

If you collect old stoneware, crocks, graniteware, specialty glass or antique yellow ware, you'll have another good reason to visit again and see what's new!

There's just so much cool stuff to choose from...

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