A Horse With No Name? Check out our "Name The Filly Contest!"

Veronica's newest filly girl - a chocolate and white paint horse, born May 19, 2004 and without a name! This horse was field-born, but she exhibits no shyness at 4 months of age - you'd think she'd been imprinted at birth!

As much as I loved her from the moment I saw her, I was stumped for a good filly name for her! We went to the GoodByeCityLife readers for help and came up with a number of names (at left). Even though the contest closed in 2004, we're leaving this page here for others who may have a filly (or even a colt) that they may need help naming. I left a full list of the names below...

Our filly was eventually named Puzzle and it was a perfect fit! No pun intended. This paint horse always has the softest, most questioning eyes - as if she's contemplating some great mystery. She's been nothing but a delight to have around.

As a matter of fact, one day the horses were scratching on the old pole gate and it collapsed under the Clydesdale's weight. Of course all the horses scrambled out and into our other field, but our Puzzle girl was right down at the house whinnying to me through my office window.

Now I'm not sure if she wanted me to come out and play with her or if she was being a certified snitch, but I was happy for her alarm before there was any trouble!

This paint filly of ours, Puzzle, has grown past her mother now, a Welsh Pony. The photo above she's still just 4 months old. For her first year here she always managed to keep her whites spotlessly white! The colts however did not fare so well as they loved to roll in the dirt. Lately, though, when bug season hit, Miss Perfect here has learned the virtues of rolling in dirt to keep bug bites down.

As soon as she cleans herself back up again, I'll take a more recent photo...until then, here's what our chocolate Rocky Mountain Horse (a yearling filly) thinks of poop rollers.

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