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Perfect Christmas Family Portraits

There is some squabbling about whether or not family Christmas pictures should be taken at home or whether the family should go to a professional photographer. What’s the right answer? Both! You should take your family to a professional photographer to get a family Christmas picture made.

You can have everyone dress in their Christmas outfits and a photographer can capture that special Christmas and it’s forever preserved for you and your loved ones. On the other hand, going to a professional photographer isn’t cheap. So if you want other images of Christmas to save in your scrapbook or share with family, you’ll have to learn how to take that perfect picture yourself.

With all of the user-friendly digital cameras available today, that won’t be a difficult task. The functions on these cutting edge cameras can completely take away that weird glassy red-eyed look that we all hate.

Get in a few 'in all their glory' shots for your Christmas album.

Get in a few 'in all their glory' photos for your Christmas album.

You don’t have to worry about making sure you’ve got the focus correct – most digital cameras have auto focus. Best of all, digital cameras don’t cost anything for you to share with family or friends.

Just upload the photos into your computer, attach them in an email and off they go! You can instantly share. Not only that, but you can take the digital photos to your local film developer and have them printed onto gift items such as coffee mugs or calendars. Every grandparent loves photos of the grand babies.

You can have family members dress in opposite colors – the men in red and the women in white. Or you can use contrasting shirts and pants. Using a digital camera to take the picture, that’s the easy part, but as everyone knows, getting the family to sit still long enough (and not make animal faces at the lens) while trying to take a photo can seem like a Herculean task. How can you get around that?

Don’t take the photo at your house. Take your Christmas photos elsewhere, like outside. Let your kids do what comes naturally. Laugh and have fun playing. Shots that aren’t posed make some of the best Christmas photos.

You can also go to area businesses for your Christmas pictures. Since businesses are looking to pull in the Christmas shoppers before, during and after Thanksgiving, they’re going to go ahead and set up displays featuring Christmas scenes.

You can get pictures of your family in front of these displays. If the business won’t let you do that, head for a smaller shop and just ask. Most business owners are happy to oblige. The perfect Christmas picture is the one where everyone in the photo is wearing a genuine smile and the camera has captured the true beauty of the moment.

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