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Home Decorating Advice

I am often asked for home decorating advice from people hoping for a quick answer of color, style and painting techniques. Although I’d love to help, there is never a simple answer when it comes to home decor. Your room’s ‘flavor’ is as complex as you are, as varied as each member of your family, [...]

Rooster Salt and Pepper Shakers

New or Vintage? Everyday or collectible? Which rooster salt and pepper shaker works for you? As you’ll no doubt see below, this type of salt and pepper shaker has a million options. Made of ceramic for durable use, glass for everday, or plastic for some fun pool-side seasoning. Rooster salt and pepper shakers come in [...]

Country Sconce Lighting

Wall lights or sconce lighting are one of the few decorating traditions that this generation of home builders seem to have moved away from. However I see sconce lighting coming back in the larger (more expertly built) homes, as well as the rush of renovated farmhouses taking a comeback. On occasion I have also seen [...]

Primitive Country Signs

Primitive signs are all the rage right now, no matter what your decorating style is. They fit in any room of your house, are available in many styles and colors and show off your personality. Are you a folk-art vintage collector? Is lemonade your favorite beverage? Would you just die if flowers didn’t exist? Discover [...]

Custom Country Farm Signs

If you’re looking for some pre-painted farm signs skip down to the bottom of the page to see what’s available. Country Signs for Your Farm or Ranch So many people get this wrong – and I did too! – so I thought I’d put this page up for you if you’re searching for a custom [...]

Country Cottage Signs

For quite a few years of supporting myself on the farm, I painted signs for local farms, signs for antique country decor, and custom signs for home and cottage. I sold them on a commissioned basis with a local shop as well as a few online sales to people who visited GoodByeCityLife. The interest stemmed [...]