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Primitive Decor

There’s a new trend rising in home decor. It’s called primitive decor and it’s hot on the heels of a shabby and chic, mixed with country style. What’s Primitive Decorating? Primitive decor is however you define it. The rules aren’t set in stone. Take some rustic pieces, some old-world paint colors, a bit of crackled [...]

French Country Lighting

French Country Lighting – Where the feel of the countryside of France – and perhaps even a traditional opulent French garden – is highlighted by the lighting fixtures you’ve chosen for the room. The French Country lighting style has a taste of shabby-chic, it’s just up-scaled a bit… "This is the one I chose!Double Tiered [...]

Primitive Folk Art Paintings

Primitive Folk Art paintings and prints hot on the market are saltbox scenes done in a style of a budding artist. This style of art is also known as Naive Art (that’s not a misspelling, it is naive as in childlike). Vintage looking Folk Art is all the rage these days for country home decorative [...]

Faux Antiques – Primitive Decorating Trend

Vintage looking Folk Art is all the rage these days. You’ve seen it around I’m sure, it’s a partial spin off of ‘shabby chic’ – taking tired or new pieces of furniture and making them look like farmhouse antiques. Primitive Decorating A friend of mine took a horrendous looking veneer-coated, monstrously ugly bookshelf from the [...]

Your Country Home

"You don’t have to live in a rural setting to have a soothing, relaxing retreat. Decorate a room (or all of them) with the new style of country decor. It’s all about what feels right for you…" Decorating with a country touch is more about your own style than any set rules on colors or [...]

Primitive Decorating Tips and Resources

Let’s talk about Primitive Decorating… what it is, and what it isn’t. Primitive decorating is part flea market finds, part shabby chic, part ‘make-do’. This style of decorating might, at times, involve antiques or barn finds – that you fix up to the point of usability, and then display. At other times, if you have [...]