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Country Sconce Lighting

Wall lights or sconce lighting are one of the few decorating traditions that this generation of home builders seem to have moved away from. However I see sconce lighting coming back in the larger (more expertly built) homes, as well as the rush of renovated farmhouses taking a comeback. On occasion I have also seen [...]

French Country Lighting

French Country Lighting – Where the feel of the countryside of France – and perhaps even a traditional opulent French garden – is highlighted by the lighting fixtures you’ve chosen for the room. The French Country lighting style has a taste of shabby-chic, it’s just up-scaled a bit… "This is the one I chose!Double Tiered [...]

French Curtains

When you decorate a room in a French Country theme you simply can not forget the French curtains. This can make or break the look you’re trying to achieve. One major and distinguishing style element of this themed look is found in the specialty curtains. There is not one design or look to French curtains. [...]

Rooster Rugs – Kitchen and Area Rugs

If you were trying to decorate ‘country’ four years ago you’d be hard pressed to find a rooster rug to fit in with your decor unless you hit the high priced specialty shops. But all that’s changed now. There are so many rugs featuring roosters, in all shapes and sizes for every room of your [...]

Rooster Picture and Prints

There’s little more country than decorating with rooster prints and pictures. You don’t have to re-do your entire house or room with roosters and chickens to get the country look, sometimes all it takes is a series of rooster prints or paintings. Rooster Prints for Country Decorating These are what you might call gorgeous upscale [...]

Rooster Lamps Make it Country!

Where else can you add a noticeable rooster accent to your home that is certain not to be missed? So many styles to choose from these days, and certain never to go out of style. The rooster lamps below all fit the country theme decorating trends, French Country (they’re upscale enough to match) or the [...]