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French Country Bedding

Lately I’ve discovered a passion for the French Country style and since I had to re-decorate my bedroom it was natural to incorporate the style into my design. In fact, French Country decor works perfectly in a bedroom as it elicits the sense of comfort and relaxation. The style in itself borders on elegance but [...]

Art Prints – Country Cottage Gardens

Garden prints are the best way to bring the ‘outside’ ‘in’, and it really helps all of us backyard gardeners to get through the long non-growing seasons. If you’ve been decorating to get through the upcoming long winter nights with natural fabrics and accents, birdhouses, and soft floral fabrics then it’s time to get some [...]

Country Cottage Signs

For quite a few years of supporting myself on the farm, I painted signs for local farms, signs for antique country decor, and custom signs for home and cottage. I sold them on a commissioned basis with a local shop as well as a few online sales to people who visited GoodByeCityLife. The interest stemmed [...]

French Curtains

When you decorate a room in a French Country theme you simply can not forget the French curtains. This can make or break the look you’re trying to achieve. One major and distinguishing style element of this themed look is found in the specialty curtains. There is not one design or look to French curtains. [...]