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Country Window Treatments

When it comes to home decorating we often choose curtains and window coverings with our hearts first: form over function. This is especially true of country window treatments. I’m sure this has happened to you over the years of country decorating. I believe we all get caught in the ‘bought it because I loved it’ [...]

Country Lamps

You can take these country lamps home to the city if you want! They’re just darling anywhere! Around this neck of the woods, most of us just take our old lamps and give them a new shade. Or we’ll paint the base and it feels like new. Sometimes country folk will splurge and grab something [...]

Farm Scenes, Prints and Originals

If you can’t be in the country setting you desire, or even if your view isn’t great, country art is a surefire way to give your walls and spirits a lift. Even more fun is when you get to change ‘the view’ in every room, and at prices these days you can actually change them [...]

Country Lighting, Log Cabin or Cottage Chic

If you are thinking of country lighting you are thinking of warm, mood lighting. Golden tones filling the room – something unique and completely yours. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? But how to achieve it? After all, who needs the cold florescent glare, the blinding halogen spots that defy you to look up in any room? [...]

Charming Country Lighting Style

It’s funny how, once you know this trick, a room can be transformed into a whole new look – say country decor – just by changing lighting fixtures. Yet to the new home decorator or interior designer, far too often when decorating or redecorating a room, we overlook lighting until the very end of the [...]

Painted Floor Cloths

In the middle of the 18th century painted floor cloths were a standard item for every room. If and when they ever wore around the edges, they were cut down and used as small mats. Painted floor cloths made today are much more durable. Some designers even create them to last over 10 years, with [...]