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Country Lighting, Log Cabin or Cottage Chic

If you are thinking of country lighting you are thinking of warm, mood lighting. Golden tones filling the room – something unique and completely yours. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? But how to achieve it? After all, who needs the cold florescent glare, the blinding halogen spots that defy you to look up in any room? [...]

Charming Country Lighting Style

It’s funny how, once you know this trick, a room can be transformed into a whole new look – say country decor – just by changing lighting fixtures. Yet to the new home decorator or interior designer, far too often when decorating or redecorating a room, we overlook lighting until the very end of the [...]

Your Country Home

"You don’t have to live in a rural setting to have a soothing, relaxing retreat. Decorate a room (or all of them) with the new style of country decor. It’s all about what feels right for you…" Decorating with a country touch is more about your own style than any set rules on colors or [...]

Decorative Country Lights: Chandeliers

The Ultimate Country Style A Farmhouse Chandelier, even if you live in the city! Simple. Durable. Affordable. Generally country farm house chandeliers and ceiling fixtures are made of sturdy cast iron. And it’s a must that shades are easy to clean (we don’t have time for fussing about in the country!). Transform Your Home with [...]

Rustic Antler Light for Country Homes

You’ll love these rustic lighting options for your country themed home! Although you’ll find a variety of styles discussed on GoodByeCityLife, the majority of this article focuses on antler (and reproduction antler) lighting ideas. They are intended to spark your creativity and inspire you with a wide variety of chandeliers, pendants and sconces. If you’ve [...]