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An Elegant White Christmas

Make your country home picture perfect by changing up your decorating scheme this Christmas. After the last two years of recession I say opulance is in order. Even if you aren’t ‘rich’ you can still decorate to give your home a super elegant look by setting a trend in white and cool color Christmas decor. [...]

Primitive Decor

There’s a new trend rising in home decor. It’s called primitive decor and it’s hot on the heels of a shabby and chic, mixed with country style. What’s Primitive Decorating? Primitive decor is however you define it. The rules aren’t set in stone. Take some rustic pieces, some old-world paint colors, a bit of crackled [...]

Folk Art Angels and Primitive Angels

You’ll find folk art and primitive angels fashioned and displayed in a wide range – from cherub-doll cute to an extreme, almost grungy, primitive look. These hand made, uniquely designed or highly fashionable angels can be displayed in your home, garden or (if they’re small enough) hanging from your rearview mirror in your car to [...]

Angel Pictures and Art Prints in Country Decorating

Angels are always in fashion for home decorating and there’s no easier way to display them than in a nice print hanging in any room. Aside from pictures and prints, angels are tireless and timeless additions to your tabletop displays, wall hangings, stationary, garden nooks and anywhere else you choose to display them. One of [...]

Country Decorating with Garden Accents

When spring rolls around our attention is often turned to the out of doors and decorating with new garden accents. When we’re not gazing out the windows, we’re outside, soaking up the great outdoors. This is my favorite time of year, but just because autumn eventually returns (and in this part of the world the [...]