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Country Saltbox Houses

I’ve been painting them for years. Filled my old farmhouse with prints of them saying “Home Sweet Home” and such. I even had a small but pretty collection of 2-3″ high lit saltbox houses – but that was before the fire… Still, I can’t believe I’ve been writing about country decorating on this site for [...]

Primitive Country Signs

Primitive signs are all the rage right now, no matter what your decorating style is. They fit in any room of your house, are available in many styles and colors and show off your personality. Are you a folk-art vintage collector? Is lemonade your favorite beverage? Would you just die if flowers didn’t exist? Discover [...]

Primitive Decor

There’s a new trend rising in home decor. It’s called primitive decor and it’s hot on the heels of a shabby and chic, mixed with country style. What’s Primitive Decorating? Primitive decor is however you define it. The rules aren’t set in stone. Take some rustic pieces, some old-world paint colors, a bit of crackled [...]

Primitive Folk Art Paintings

Primitive Folk Art paintings and prints hot on the market are saltbox scenes done in a style of a budding artist. This style of art is also known as Naive Art (that’s not a misspelling, it is naive as in childlike). Vintage looking Folk Art is all the rage these days for country home decorative [...]

Faux Antiques – Primitive Decorating Trend

Vintage looking Folk Art is all the rage these days. You’ve seen it around I’m sure, it’s a partial spin off of ‘shabby chic’ – taking tired or new pieces of furniture and making them look like farmhouse antiques. Primitive Decorating A friend of mine took a horrendous looking veneer-coated, monstrously ugly bookshelf from the [...]

Folk Art Angels and Primitive Angels

You’ll find folk art and primitive angels fashioned and displayed in a wide range – from cherub-doll cute to an extreme, almost grungy, primitive look. These hand made, uniquely designed or highly fashionable angels can be displayed in your home, garden or (if they’re small enough) hanging from your rearview mirror in your car to [...]