Article Excerpts in: Country Lighting

Country Lighting 2012

I’m off to decorate the next house and became so excited with all the new developments in home country lighting that I’m writing a new post just to show these off! First off, I discovered that the rooster (traditionally found in the French and Tuscan country styles) is quickly going out of style in the [...]

Country Sconce Lighting

Wall lights or sconce lighting are one of the few decorating traditions that this generation of home builders seem to have moved away from. However I see sconce lighting coming back in the larger (more expertly built) homes, as well as the rush of renovated farmhouses taking a comeback. On occasion I have also seen [...]

Country Lamps

You can take these country lamps home to the city if you want! They’re just darling anywhere! Around this neck of the woods, most of us just take our old lamps and give them a new shade. Or we’ll paint the base and it feels like new. Sometimes country folk will splurge and grab something [...]

Country Lighting with Traditional Farmhouse Chandeliers

If you’ve considered moving to the country and raising your own food – living off the land and renovating an old farmhouse, it won’t be long before you want to upgrade the electrical panels or install some new, but traditional, farmhouse country chandeliers. Even if your home isn’t quite on a farm, but you love [...]

Country Lighting, Log Cabin or Cottage Chic

If you are thinking of country lighting you are thinking of warm, mood lighting. Golden tones filling the room – something unique and completely yours. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? But how to achieve it? After all, who needs the cold florescent glare, the blinding halogen spots that defy you to look up in any room? [...]