Article Excerpts in: Garden Decor

Custom Country Farm Signs

If you’re looking for some pre-painted farm signs skip down to the bottom of the page to see what’s available. Country Signs for Your Farm or Ranch So many people get this wrong – and I did too! – so I thought I’d put this page up for you if you’re searching for a custom [...]

Art Prints – Country Cottage Gardens

Garden prints are the best way to bring the ‘outside’ ‘in’, and it really helps all of us backyard gardeners to get through the long non-growing seasons. If you’ve been decorating to get through the upcoming long winter nights with natural fabrics and accents, birdhouses, and soft floral fabrics then it’s time to get some [...]

Country Decorating with Garden Accents

When spring rolls around our attention is often turned to the out of doors and decorating with new garden accents. When we’re not gazing out the windows, we’re outside, soaking up the great outdoors. This is my favorite time of year, but just because autumn eventually returns (and in this part of the world the [...]