French Country Lighting

French Country Lighting – Where the feel of the countryside of France – and perhaps even a traditional opulent French garden – is highlighted by the lighting fixtures you’ve chosen for the room.

The French Country lighting style has a taste of shabby-chic, it’s just up-scaled a bit…

Double Tiered French Country Lighting Chandelier"This is the one I chose!
Double Tiered Crackle
Oh it’s awesome!"
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I’ve been in a few houses that were ‘almost there’ in the style but seemed to be missing that one finishing touch.

When we realized it was the lighting fixtures that were amiss and remedied the situation we were amazed at how simply the right style of lighting can bring a room together. This is one of the reasons I discuss lighting so much in this decorating section of GoodByeCityLife.

I’ve grabbed a few samples of ceiling fixtures that fit into the French Country lighting and decor theme and assembled them below, but you can also see more of this style on the French Country Lights page – specifically lamps.

About French Country Lighting in Home Decor

This French country chandelier has it all. Small crystal accents, hand painted finish, cute shades and an attention to detail unseen in the lighting industry.

Here is the detailing on the chandelier at right. Click the image at right to see more, I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to show you this up close. I love it.

French Country decorating is an eclectic mix of richness and warm with whimsy and time honored tradition. It’s a tough look to pull off and still have comfortable easy living, but you’ll know when you ‘get it right’.

Stunning chandelier with attention to details. Hand painted.

The French Country decorating style is one of the most popular trends today in decorating. Cozy and rustic, warm and inviting – French Country decorating has its roots in the hillsides of rural France.

Some style features include shaped moldings, cabriole shaping, sculpted rails and ironwork (generally painted). You’ll find toile, roses and floral wreaths. Roosters are also a common theme – probably why French country decorating flips into rustic or primitive decorating so effortlessly.

French Country Lighting Examples

Now that the background lesson is over…if you’ve come from the farmhouse chandelier page and wanted to see which chandelier I choose you’ll find it below…

The photo doesn’t do it justice, although I’m sure their photographer is top notch, just that this is so much better in person!

In my dining room! French Country Lighting sets the tone.

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If this is the lamp that will fit the bill for your French country themed room, follow the instructions below to check availability and pricing.

You’ll find this chandelier, or one you like better, at the site I shop on for country lighting.(see below)

You can’t get much more into the theme than the first chandelier above. It has classic styling, a bit of twisted and burnished work, warm overall tone. See what I mean? Elegance, whimsy, timeless, eclectic and best of all not mass marketed (so your decorating taste remains un-watered down).

There is one more to show you before you click away to another post. This one is 4 feet wide and is perfect for hanging over a pool table or French Country furniture like a harvest or farmhouse dining table.

Showing the rusted finish on a large French Country Dining or Games Room Chandelier. Simple lines, a few crystals for embellishments, cute shades and weighing only 40 pounds.

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    Help me find this darling chandelier pictured above…the one with the red shades and red teardrop/pear shaped pendants! Can’t find it in any of the listings, so I may not be looking in the right place! Thanks!

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