Farm Scenes, Prints and Originals

If you can’t be in the country setting you desire, or even if your view isn’t great, country art is a surefire way to give your walls and spirits a lift.

Even more fun is when you get to change ‘the view’ in every room, and at prices these days you can actually change them per room, per season! You’ll never get tired of your art that way.

Can’t see the view from the cottage window or take in the family farm often enough?

This is a great way to bring the serenity of the hills or farmland to your home – add farm scenes and country landscapes as prints on your walls!

Often even the simplest painting can impart that sense of calm that we all need in today’s hectic lifestyle – doesn’t matter at all where you live. Unless, of course, you live here and then the best I can wish for you is great big windows to enjoy the view of horses running past, chickens in the yard and the autumn leaves changing their color.

  • Country meadows with a few sheep ambling over the rolling pasture.
  • A primitive painting of a prize-winning cow. Or, check out the saltbox prints here.
  • A horse standing at the gate waiting for his master to bring the day’s grain ration.

These are all images in our fondest memories of days, weekend trips, or summer visits to the country.

And, if you already live in the country…

What a great way to keep the charm inside.

A primitive country farm house scene.

A few years back we went through a terribly cold winter here and I thought I’d lose my mind with cabin fever. The wind was whistling in the walls and I felt as though I’d been cold and heavy burdened for 6 months straight.

I know it helped me to have a few country farm scenes of sunny gardens, saltbox houses, the animals we wish we had but don’t have time for, and even that painting of an old dog laying on his master’s bed. Simpler days, prettier views – that’s country art.

Most of the painting and prints we display on our farmhouse walls are ‘Life on the Farm’ scenes, country pastures, barnyard animals, country homesteads and the like.

Warren Kimble – Country Artist

Just about half of the paintings on our walls are prints of Warren Kimble’s originals. I adore his simplistic country art style and so glad he sells prints of all his work.

Click here to see past and present work of Warren Kimble as art prints, coasters, serving trays and books. You can also see more of his work at our country art prints page.

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