Country Lighting with Traditional Farmhouse Chandeliers

If you’ve considered moving to the country and raising your own food – living off the land and renovating an old farmhouse, it won’t be long before you want to upgrade the electrical panels or install some new, but traditional, farmhouse country chandeliers.

Even if your home isn’t quite on a farm, but you love that cozy look of a house that has survived generations of families, memories of first steps and first dates. Crowding everyone around the table for Sundy dinners, birthdays and Christmas – your lighting, especially in the dining room, will set the mood of the event.

Wrought Iron Chandelier

Farm house chandeliers in the old days were often hand-forged. Made of dark twisted metal upturned at the ends for decoration, and were a measure of the strength of the man who created the light. Often these pieces were large, thick and heavy but over time we saw thinner, less obtrusive use of cast iron chandeliers.

These farm house chandeliers eventually morphed into wagon wheels wired to hold candles and eventually, electrical powered bulbs.

Have a look at the changes over the years and decide the theme for your own dining area, over the island, or coffee nook.

My favorite spot these days to curl up in the morning with that first cup of coffee is by the back deck’s double doors. Over the area hangs a thin and elegant twisted wire chandelier on a dimmer switch that I can turn down in the early hours while watching the horses run across the misty hills. Completely sets the tone of the day and eases me into a morning full of barn chores – after, of course, just one more cup.

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