Country Lighting, Log Cabin or Cottage Chic

If you are thinking of country lighting you are thinking of warm, mood lighting. Golden tones filling the room – something unique and completely yours.

Sounds lovely doesn’t it? But how to achieve it? After all, who needs the cold florescent glare, the blinding halogen spots that defy you to look up in any room?

Accent lighting that is inviting and soft – that’s the country way.

Your first step will be to decide which style of country lighting you’re after. Likely you’ll know the style as soon as you see it, which is why I’ve created these pages for you (see links at right). Each page has a description of lighting styles and/or images and examples for you to view.

If you see a light that is almost what you’re after, click it and you’ll land on a page with similar styles and taste of what you like for your country home.

Country lighting has three specific tastes…

French Garden Decorating

Where the feel of the garden is brought inside the house. This style of decorative lighting has a taste of shabby-chic, with a French countryside flair. You can see more of this style on the French Country Lighting pages.

Farmhouse Decorating

Simple. Durable. Affordable. Generally farm house lighting is made of sturdy cast iron. Shades are easy to clean. Country farmhouse lighting is anything but boring even though it has practicality built into beauty. Plus, often you’ll find just a touch of whimsy making a statement. Farmhouse chandelier examples here.

Rustic Cabin Decorating

Imagine you’ve just stepped into a rustic retreat, untouched for years. Decorated only by materials on hand in an era long passed. Deer antlers adorn the chandeliers, pine cones and gnarled branches wrap around floor lamps and the furniture is hand-hewn from local logs. That’s cabin decorating and you’ll love the log cabin lighting that goes with it!

Rustic Cabin Chandelier

The chandelier at right has the log cabin style all wrapped up, but don’t forget to visit the other rustic lighting pages to see more styles! You’ll also find another antler chandelier showcased on this country lighting page.

Antler Chandeliers…

The great outdoors is coming inside with this style of lighting treatment. And, you won’t find a better deal on Antler Chandeliers anywhere than here on GoodByeCityLife!

Rustic Driftwood and Twig Chandeliers

Natural twig chandeliers are quickly gaining in popularity! You can find a few examples of twig or driftwood inspired country chandeliers here!

Some of the more modern and reasonably priced fixtures are sculpted from cast fiber and/or metal, which makes them easy to care for and clean.

If you want a chandelier you can live with for years and don’t want to fuss over the care and cleaning of a real ‘twig’ light, these gorgeous fakes may be your best option.

Western Chandeliers

The western style chandelier is often sculpted from metal or resin treated to look like metal. Other styles embody an authentic look of highly aged and well cared for wood. Typically these are the country lighting fixtures you’d see in the old cowboy and western movies hanging over the supper table. See the cowboy cabin lighting idea links at the bottom of the middle column.

The Lodge – Rustic Iron Chandeliers

Ever happen into an old country lodge or mess hall and love the old light fixture? Well they’re making a comeback and showing up in the most upscale country houses!

Rustic iron chandeliers may or may not feature country landscapes, or wild animal silhouettes (bear, moose, fish, and elk, but they’re always made of a heavy forged iron.

Or, check out the examples shown on the rustic lights pages.

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