Country Lighting 2012

I’m off to decorate the next house and became so excited with all the new developments in home country lighting that I’m writing a new post just to show these off!

First off, I discovered that the rooster (traditionally found in the French and Tuscan country styles) is quickly going out of style in the wrought iron sconce lighting and pot rack styled chandeliers. However I also found that the lowly rooster has taken a step up into more elaborate decorating schemes and he’s showing a little more color as a result.
Upscale French Country Rooster Chandelier
Click the image to see the gorgeous detailing on this chandelier or click here to check pricing and availability. This style is also available as a chandelier/pot rack here.

More Traditional French Country Lighting

For years I showed clients the beautiful olive branch chandelier but this new ‘makeover’ of that country lighting has my appreciation for 2011. A little french country, a little shabby chic — in fact both of the following two chandeliers would work in either style or setting. Show off your whimsical nature and challenge yourself to decorate a stunning room around either one of these.
Stunning Shabby Chic Paris Inspired Chandelier (French Country Lighting)
Love Shabby Chic and Country Lighting? Check out this new for 2011 chandelier...

Traditional American Country Lighting

Back on home soil, you’d never believe what we’re seeing a lot of in farmhouse lighting, log cabin homes and even in the rustic-inspired man caves. Did you guess correctly? It’s the wagon wheel light! You’re about to see these everywhere – hanging over pool tables, kitchen islands, and even in the foyer of your favorite country lighting catalogs and country decor magazines. I’ll show you one but you’ll have to click through to see related styles…they come in round and oval and the oval is actually interesting because they’re a variation on a worn out theme. They’ve been extended from their traditional round shape by two wood splits for a centerpiece.

What I like best about this company’s version is the copper lanterns hanging from chandeliers making the old wagon wheel styling more functional and (I must admit) more beautiful.
Farmhouse Country Lighting, The Wagonwheel Chandelier
As you’ve seen there is a wide variation of styles within the country lighting category. Not to mention that one person’s definition of country decor is far different than another’s interpretation. I have two friends, for instance, who couldn’t be more different in their personalities but the bossy one says they both decorate their homes in the country traditions. Oddly enough, the more aware of the two begs to differ. Her home is an upscale Tuscan country styled home mixed with modern art pieces and palazzo tiling. The first woman – is all about primitive country (which you know we love here at GoodByeCityLife) but her home is all bashed and weathered barn board with some dry-brush painting techniques scattered throughout the house.

They both have ‘country’ in their decorative styles but neither one would be comfortable living in the other’s house for very long. As such, their taste in country lighting is also very different. One would love the wagonwheel, the other would adore the rooster with dripping crystals. I’m sure you can figure out which one would suit each of these ladies best.

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