Article Excerpts in: Decor Ideas

Home Decor Basics: Paint

If you’ve never painted a wall in the past you may be quickly confused upon entering a modern paint store. Gallons of paint, treatments and finishes line the shelves without much explanation of why you’d choose on can over the next. Take heart! There are just a few basics to consider when choosing the right [...]

Country Window Treatments

When it comes to home decorating we often choose curtains and window coverings with our hearts first: form over function. This is especially true of country window treatments. I’m sure this has happened to you over the years of country decorating. I believe we all get caught in the ‘bought it because I loved it’ [...]

Home Decorating Advice

I am often asked for home decorating advice from people hoping for a quick answer of color, style and painting techniques. Although I’d love to help, there is never a simple answer when it comes to home decor. Your room’s ‘flavor’ is as complex as you are, as varied as each member of your family, [...]

Collecting versus Clutter in Decor

Are you a collector of decor accents and items or are you a ‘collector’ of anything and everything? You see, there’s a difference. A ‘collector’ will bring home anything from the store that appeals to them in any way (sometimes they will buy an item just because it is on sale and they “might need [...]

Farm Scenes, Prints and Originals

If you can’t be in the country setting you desire, or even if your view isn’t great, country art is a surefire way to give your walls and spirits a lift. Even more fun is when you get to change ‘the view’ in every room, and at prices these days you can actually change them [...]

Country Cottage Signs

For quite a few years of supporting myself on the farm, I painted signs for local farms, signs for antique country decor, and custom signs for home and cottage. I sold them on a commissioned basis with a local shop as well as a few online sales to people who visited GoodByeCityLife. The interest stemmed [...]