Primitive Folk Art Paintings

Primitive Folk Art paintings and prints hot on the market are saltbox scenes done in a style of a budding artist. This style of art is also known as Naive Art (that’s not a misspelling, it is naive as in childlike).

Vintage looking Folk Art is all the rage these days for country home decorative accents. These are heavily patriotic in nature – pure Americana, but Canadian culture is catching up.

The style comes from the return to country home decorating and is based on the simplistic artwork of common people painting their homes with primitive farm scenes with folksy appeal.

Contents of Primitive Folk Art Paintings

Many of the primitive folk art paintings included American flags, Christian symbolism (angels) and today’s trend extends into decorating with vintage country signs – either hand painted or professionally done. Signs used within General Stores, outside farrier shops, rodeos and country fairs – as well as those posted at the end of farmer’s driveways such as "eggs for sale", "free rooster" or "room for rent".

Items from the past, painted into the landscape might include an old country school house, traditional cottage garden flowers (hollyhocks, poppies and flowering bushes, as well as all types of farm animals.

Another great primitive art print from Warren Kimble.

The colors are warm and faded. New pieces, painted and finished to look like they’ve been found in a barn, are actually new wood that has been washed with a light wood stain to give that aged appearance. Once the piece has been finished it is photographed and made into a professional folk art print ready to be framed.

Famous Primitive Folk Art Painters

One of the most famous and successful artists currently painting in primitive style is American artist, Warren Kimble.

Warren Kimble paints everything from cats to moose, church scenes to bubbling brooks. A few of Warren’s prints are shown on this page.

You can buy Kimble art, as well as view other primitive artist’s work, on the primitive art prints page of the country store or through our country catalog. You’ll find decent discounts at prices better than your local art or decor supply store. Order these paintings as print, prints on canvas, or fully mounted and framed.

Great early rendition of Warren's work available on mugs, as art prints and more.

When you arrive at the primitive art prints pages, use the search box to drill down to the image you’re after. If you’re interested only in Warren Kimble’s cows, or horses, or houses, just type any one of those words into the search box. If you’re looking for other primitive folk art paintings type "folk art" into the search box. You’re sure to find something that suits your country decor, room’s theme and personal taste in art.

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