Folk Art Angels and Primitive Angels

You’ll find folk art and primitive angels fashioned and displayed in a wide range – from cherub-doll cute to an extreme, almost grungy, primitive look.

These hand made, uniquely designed or highly fashionable angels can be displayed in your home, garden or (if they’re small enough) hanging from your rearview mirror in your car to protect you while you’re driving.

Styles are changing all the time and new items are added to this page every day.

Primitive Angels

One day you may find a stained glass angel that you adore, another day a wooden garden stake with a cherub on top! Whatever you fancy in angels, grab it up, many of these items are one of a kind.

And you can rest easy knowing that angel artifacts never go out of style. They make great gifts because everyone believes in and needs their own angels.

The word angel originates from Greek "messenger".

According to the Bible, these heavenly spirits carry out missions at God’s command. It is said that God gave angels great wisdom, power, and freedom; their appearances in the New Testament are an indication of their important role in today’s world.

Angels are something we all started believing in as children. However, in present times, as the world gets tougher daily, those of us who have ‘grown up’ still feel the childlike awe of angels. Just the thought of angels near offers comfort, staves off loneliness, and brings hope of brighter times.

For centuries angels have been depicted in a variety of ways:

Angels in Country Decor. Folk Art Favorites

  • drawn on paper
  • carved out of stone
  • molded from clay
  • cut from wood
  • created into pins and statues
  • and painted on walls

…to name just a few.

Folk Art Angels…

I personally like the folk art primitive look in any medium…not too cute and not too grungy, just plain and simple. Below you’ll find a few of the folk art angels currently selling on ebay that I’ve selected for you.

…or Primitive Style Angels

You’ll find hand-made primitive style (in cloth or wood), hand painted folk art angels, angel dolls, stitcheries rugs and pillows.

The selection changes every day so check back often.

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  1. Joann Castrillo's Gravatar Joann Castrillo
    August 10, 2009 - 8:44 am | Permalink

    Hi there! I stumbled upon your wonderful site and was surprised to see my current angel painting listings on Ebay :-) Thank you so very much for selecting my work and promoting them here. I am honored.

    Joann (peacelilyartstudio)

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