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Rotary Cutters

The art of quilting is really in the care and precision, both in the planning stage, and for the stitching. These days you can buy wadding to sit between the back and face fabrics, and stitch through to create the quilt finish. If you secure the three sections, i.e., the back cloth, the wadding, and [...]

American Quilts

The history of the quilt is long. Traditions of early quilters have not been lost, and they have been taken all over the world. British women took their skills and traditions to the other side of the world, to America and to Australia, but it is the American quilter who is responsible for bringing this [...]

Making Your First Quilt

Many experienced quilt makers will have made quilts by both machine and by hand. Some may have a preference, while others are happy to switch between the two methods intermittently. Although machine quilting is popular for quick results, it can be difficult to handle the material and may or may not provide the effect for [...]

Quilting Terms Explained

Anchor Fabric – The piece of fabric used during the piecing process. Used to hold all fabric pieces together when machine piecing. Appliqué – Not specific to quilting, this term describes using smaller pieces of fabric in a decorative way that is stitched to the face of a quilt. Sun Bonnett Sue’s quilts are fine [...]

Quilting – Crafting with GoodByeCityLife

Quilting designs vary quite specifically to a country, or a society, but the traditional American patchwork designs have become loved world wide. Understand that I am not saying this as some prideful Yankee – I am Canadian, yet recognize the world’s passion for American handiwork. Although quilting has it’s roots in Europe, the beloved American [...]

Hand Made Quilts – The Ultimate Country Hug

Hand made quilts are considered – in our house anyway – the ultimate hug. As many of my regular readers know, we recently suffered a house fire and lost everything we owned. The tragedy wasn’t so much about the loss of ‘stuff’ but the effect of uproar on our family. Material possessions, after all, can [...]