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Wedding Craft Ideas

Even though our wedding was in February, on Valentine’s Day to be specific, and it was a night wedding, I do recognize that the vast majority of women in North America like the princess June styled weddings, where everything is white and lace and fluffy. Unfortunately for most people on average incomes, those weddings are [...]

Buy Scrapbook Supplies Wholesale – Save $

This is a quick page just to show off some of the current products available in our Country Store within the wholesale scrap-booking supplies category. I placed this page here as an extra resource for readers coming from other scrap booking pages, for readers who were interested in crafting but were a little timid due [...]

Crafting with Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamp craft designs can be as simple or complex as you’d like to make them. Crafters who are ‘stuck’ on stamping are some of the most creative type of hobby artists I’ve seen. Sure, you can buy some rubber stamps, pick up some fancy inks and embossing powders, and make some pretty neat designs, [...]

Making Your First Quilt

Many experienced quilt makers will have made quilts by both machine and by hand. Some may have a preference, while others are happy to switch between the two methods intermittently. Although machine quilting is popular for quick results, it can be difficult to handle the material and may or may not provide the effect for [...]

Quilting – Crafting with GoodByeCityLife

Quilting designs vary quite specifically to a country, or a society, but the traditional American patchwork designs have become loved world wide. Understand that I am not saying this as some prideful Yankee – I am Canadian, yet recognize the world’s passion for American handiwork. Although quilting has it’s roots in Europe, the beloved American [...]

Hand Made Quilts – The Ultimate Country Hug

Hand made quilts are considered – in our house anyway – the ultimate hug. As many of my regular readers know, we recently suffered a house fire and lost everything we owned. The tragedy wasn’t so much about the loss of ‘stuff’ but the effect of uproar on our family. Material possessions, after all, can [...]