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Paper Crafts – Scrap Books

If you’re into scrap booking at all you likely found out fast how expensive this hobby can be! This is especially for the truly beautiful designs available in the paper craft section of your favorite store. The art of scrap booking has now officially captured the hearts and wallets of the crafting community. But many [...]

Making Your First Quilt

Many experienced quilt makers will have made quilts by both machine and by hand. Some may have a preference, while others are happy to switch between the two methods intermittently. Although machine quilting is popular for quick results, it can be difficult to handle the material and may or may not provide the effect for [...]

Quilting – Crafting with GoodByeCityLife

Quilting designs vary quite specifically to a country, or a society, but the traditional American patchwork designs have become loved world wide. Understand that I am not saying this as some prideful Yankee – I am Canadian, yet recognize the world’s passion for American handiwork. Although quilting has it’s roots in Europe, the beloved American [...]