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Paper Crafts: The Basics To Make Greeting Cards

Aside from scrapbooking, to make greeting cards is to make a small work of art. This is a popular pastime that goes hand in hand using supplies already assembled for other paper crafts. While scrapbooking is a fun way to display pictures and chronicle family history, to make greeting cards is an innovative and personal [...]

Group Craft Time

Although people often get together to craft – it all started when we were kids crafting in school – most crafts are individual projects. Sometimes though, it is nice to work together as a team, to learn and to have a creation at the end that was a group effort. Although this craft is better [...]

Wedding Craft Ideas

Even though our wedding was in February, on Valentine’s Day to be specific, and it was a night wedding, I do recognize that the vast majority of women in North America like the princess June styled weddings, where everything is white and lace and fluffy. Unfortunately for most people on average incomes, those weddings are [...]

Wood Crafts for Country Living

One of my favorite wood crafts (and you can even do this with school aged children if you cut the wood pieces out ahead of time), is to make bird houses. This is a great country craft that you can do with kids, teaching them about measuring, wildlife, co-operation and more in the process. On [...]

Scrapbook Photos

Photographs are key pieces in home made scrapbooks, but there is much more that you can do with a photo than most people realize! Don’t stifle your creative juices when creating a personal scrapbook for a friend or family by pasting in perfectly square or rectangular photos straight from the printers into ready made paper [...]

Introduction to Scrapbooking

"Presenting a homemade scrapbook to a friend or family member is one of life’s most touching moments." – Laura Childs If you’ve heard about the scrap-booking craze, seen all the products available at the craft stores, or perhaps even seen a few of these hand-made treasures – you likely understand what all the fuss is [...]