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Country Crafts at GoodByeCityLife

We are currently building an entire country crafting section for the site and would love to hear from you! What crafting techniques, recipes or savings on craft supplies would you like to see here? I’m working at adding one or two articles per month to assist you and save you money in your crafting endeavors. [...]

Hand Made Quilts – The Ultimate Country Hug

Hand made quilts are considered – in our house anyway – the ultimate hug. As many of my regular readers know, we recently suffered a house fire and lost everything we owned. The tragedy wasn’t so much about the loss of ‘stuff’ but the effect of uproar on our family. Material possessions, after all, can [...]

Quilting, the History of a Handicraft

Quilting is a country craft as old as the hills themselves. For many people through the ages, quilting has a comforting and enigmatic combination of necessity, community, craftwork, and commemoration. In colder climates, a woman’s quilting circle is still an opportunity for us to come together, to work on projects together, to talk over the [...]