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Turn Your Collecting Love into A Craft

The bottom line here is that you never have to grow up or outgrow toys. A toy hobby keeps you young at heart and makes you a favorite among the kids – in your family as well as in your community.

Paper Crafts: The Basics To Make Greeting Cards

Aside from scrapbooking, to make greeting cards is to make a small work of art. This is a popular pastime that goes hand in hand using supplies already assembled for other paper crafts. While scrapbooking is a fun way to display pictures and chronicle family history, to make greeting cards is an innovative and personal [...]

Wedding Craft Ideas

Even though our wedding was in February, on Valentine’s Day to be specific, and it was a night wedding, I do recognize that the vast majority of women in North America like the princess June styled weddings, where everything is white and lace and fluffy. Unfortunately for most people on average incomes, those weddings are [...]

Paper Crafts – Scrap Books

If you’re into scrap booking at all you likely found out fast how expensive this hobby can be! This is especially for the truly beautiful designs available in the paper craft section of your favorite store. The art of scrap booking has now officially captured the hearts and wallets of the crafting community. But many [...]

Crafting with Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamp craft designs can be as simple or complex as you’d like to make them. Crafters who are ‘stuck’ on stamping are some of the most creative type of hobby artists I’ve seen. Sure, you can buy some rubber stamps, pick up some fancy inks and embossing powders, and make some pretty neat designs, [...]

Make Country Paper Crafts

Are you a crafter or someone thinking about taking on a hobby in paper crafts? By paper crafts I mean scrap-booking, card making, specialty folding or even personalized artwork made from a variety of papers and treatments. In a few days I’ll post some of the designs I’ve made or found that are considered to [...]