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Buy Scrapbook Supplies Wholesale – Save $

This is a quick page just to show off some of the current products available in our Country Store within the wholesale scrap-booking supplies category. I placed this page here as an extra resource for readers coming from other scrap booking pages, for readers who were interested in crafting but were a little timid due [...]

Scrapbook Photos

Photographs are key pieces in home made scrapbooks, but there is much more that you can do with a photo than most people realize! Don’t stifle your creative juices when creating a personal scrapbook for a friend or family by pasting in perfectly square or rectangular photos straight from the printers into ready made paper [...]

Introduction to Scrapbooking

"Presenting a homemade scrapbook to a friend or family member is one of life’s most touching moments." – Laura Childs If you’ve heard about the scrap-booking craze, seen all the products available at the craft stores, or perhaps even seen a few of these hand-made treasures – you likely understand what all the fuss is [...]

Paper Crafts – Scrap Books

If you’re into scrap booking at all you likely found out fast how expensive this hobby can be! This is especially for the truly beautiful designs available in the paper craft section of your favorite store. The art of scrap booking has now officially captured the hearts and wallets of the crafting community. But many [...]

Making Your Scrapbook Pages Special

Below you’ll find my three favorite ways to make custom scrapbooks personalized, unique and interesting to look at. On other pages of the site you’ll find more tips and techniques so be sure to browse around. Scrapbook Tags – A Fun Feature Adding tags to your custom scrapbook pages is a fun, easy and inexpensive [...]