Crafting with Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamp craft designs can be as simple or complex as you’d like to make them. Crafters who are ‘stuck’ on stamping are some of the most creative type of hobby artists I’ve seen.

Sure, you can buy some rubber stamps, pick up some fancy inks and embossing powders, and make some pretty neat designs, but nothing matches the work of the hobbyist who has learned how to take the tools of the trade and add their own personality to the art.

Crafting with rubber stamps is suitable for all ages – right from the youngest preschoolers (with some supervision) to the older crafter. It isn’t terribly hard on arthritic hands and quite nice pieces can be turned out with minimal time and effort.

What Types of Crafts Can Be Made Using Rubber Stamps?

Greeting and gift cards are the most popular hand made rubber stamps craft to make and Christmas is no exception! Often small groups of friends will join together before the seasonal rush and spend some time together sharing their supplies and making cards for friends and family members.

Stamping with kids is a great country craft!

The Downside of Rubber Stamps

It’s my nature (as a country girl) to watch every penny spent and find ways to make any activity (whether it’s a necessity or a hobby) less expensive for our household. This hobby costs a great deal of money to have selection and supplies on hand when you want them. I may as well let you in on the secrets to inexpensive rubber stamp crafting…

Great Deals and Discounts on Rubber Stamp Supplies Online

This is truly my favorite resource – partly because we live over 150 miles from a craft store and gas is expensive, partly because I’ve learned to buy everything in bulk anyway, but also because the deals and selection can be fantastic.

I shop in the wholesale craft rubber stamp category of the Country Store. Yes, I shop in my own store because the deals are coming in from all over the world – from all types of sellers with a wide selection of products.

To get an idea of what’s available right now click over to the rubber stamp and embossing aisle of the store – I’ll bet you’ll be surprised. It’s just like finding all your favorites in the bargain bin at your local craft store!

Rubber Stamping Ideas Online

I just love the internet. It keeps me in touch with what’s hot even though I live so far back in the bush that I feel as though I’m stuck in the 80s.

Truth is when I’m online it’s just like being ‘in the groove’ again, seeing new trends, gathering new ideas for rubber stamping, and grabbing up some great last minute deals. Plus there are some great websites for crafters that allow you to print out their designs on card stock that you can further embellish with your rubber stamp designs.

Save Money Stamping

Make Your Own Crafting Supplies

Seeing as the papers you stamp onto is usually pretty expensive, find some ways to save on craft specialty paper. Also gift wrapping paper and bags, maps, and newspapers can make wonderful backgrounds for your stamping projects.

A few other places to get great paper for crafting: old wallpaper books from paint and home decorating stores, off-cuts and sample papers from your local print shop and pictures from old magazines, calendars and greeting cards.

Arrange Swap Meets with Other Stamping Crafters – This can be sometimes hard to arrange in smaller communities but it’s a great way to meet people who share your passion for the hobby! Put up a handmade flyer, check your classifieds, talk to craft store owners, whatever you can think of to start a rubber stamping craft group. You can meet to share stamps, swap paper, swap stamps and toss around some ideas – creative or money saving!

You can see some ebay auctions for buying wholesale scrapbook supplies.

Talk about saving money – say goodbye to the craft store packages of 8 for $12 and the gas prices to get there – these fresh ideas just cost some sheets of card stock and some ink from your desktop printer.

To sum up, rubber stamping crafts are both fun and enjoyable for all ages and don’t have to cost you a fortune.

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