Paper Crafts: The Basics To Make Greeting Cards

Aside from scrapbooking, to make greeting cards is to make a small work of art. This is a popular pastime that goes hand in hand using supplies already assembled for other paper crafts. While scrapbooking is a fun way to display pictures and chronicle family history, to make greeting cards is an innovative and personal way to share your skills and extra photos with friends and family.

If you’re just getting into specialty paper crafts be mindful of the cost of supplies or your fun will be over before you know it. GoodByeCityLife has an extensive discount craft category in the country store that allows you to purchase ‘lots’ of seconds and discontinued selections. You can, literally, get started crafting with paper – whether in card making, scrapbooking or both, for less than a family pizza.

Buying this way also allows you to purchase a lot more items while your tastes for crafting develop. For instance you might choose a package with some rubber stamps, some stickers, some metal embellishments, etc. After a week of using them all you may find that you love working with stamps. Since you haven’t blown your budget already you’ll now be able to shop for the best deals on rubber stamps – since you know you enjoy them the most.

Everyone has at least some of their photographs stored somewhere in a shoe box that they plan to get into an album one day – or not. Sometimes these are just extras, not good enough for the family album, but still a decent photo. Scrapbooks are a great way to get those photos out where friends and family can enjoy them. A scrapbook can be as low-key and low-cost as a loose leaf binder, with some plastic page protectors and colored cardstock.

Paper and Cutting Tools When Making Greeting Cards

When you set out to make greeting cards, you work from the initial premise that photos are arranged with embellishments upon the page until a beautiful themed layout is created. Should you choose to get a little more professional in your approach to scrapbooking you might find yourself using better quality paper and pen stock of archival quality. Check the labels or the listings in the country store. Most paper products, even the cheaper ones, are labeled “acid-free,” which means that it shouldn’t fade or otherwise deteriorate if stored for a long time.

Six pack of specialty scissors for scrapbooking and card making.

A popular crafter's six pack. Six specialty scissors for scrapbooking and card making.

From Scrapbooking to Making Cards

Many scrapbookers eventually branch out to making their own greeting cards. Greeting cards may or may not have an original poem written on the inside or an original photo on the outside. A simple “Happy Birthday,” “Congratulations,” or even just “I Love You” is enough to brighten someone’s day. Whip it up, send it off, and don’t worry about it being perfect.

To start a scrapbook you have several options. You can select photos that all relate to one event (a trip, a child’s participation in sports, or a family reunion – for a few ideas). This type of scrapbook will be short, but can be designed around a theme. The same is true when you make greeting cards.

Attach your photos to the cardstock with double-sided tape, squares, or a quality glue stick. Decorate the page with stickers, paper shapes, fancy embellishments, or rubber stamped designs. Colored gel pens and glitter add extra punch when you use them to write dates, names, and information about the activities in the pictures.

Fancier materials may include die cuts in various shapes, letters and numbers, embossing tools, and specialty scissors for cutting paper with interesting edge designs. A pair of “deckle” scissors is very useful for making elegant looking scrapbook pages, greeting cards, and any other paper craft including but not limited to, wedding invitations and favors. If you also have an old pair of pinking shears in your sewing box that are too dull to cut fabric, you can use those for cutting out shapes and trimming photos.

Everyone loves to receive mail that is homemade with them in mind. Rubber stamps are beautiful embellishments for making greeting cards; attach a ribbon or raffia, beads, or anything else you can think of and you instantly have a 3D work of art.

Try it today and send one off – I bet you’ll brighten someone’s day when they pick up their mail this week.

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