You Can Craft for Cash

Laura Childs and her Daughter
"This complete ebook package gives you all the information you need to start making money at home crafting!"
Laura Childs,

I’d like to introduce you to a little book series I picked up recently that I know you’ll love.

You’ll love it, that is, if you’re wondering how to make money with crafts from home  and if you’ve got bigger plans to turn your hobby into a full blown business.

Of course you may not need all the information right away, but save this crafter’s set on your hard drive and you’ll return to it time and time again.

Making Money at Home

This crafter’s book set consists of four volumes, over 160 pages in all. And that’s 160 pages of info-packed tips, resources and techniques learned from many years of crafting for money from home.

You see there are many ways to make money from home, but most stay-at-home moms don’t have the time to steadily work away during regular business hours, on a consistent basis. Which is why crafts are so enticing for us. We can make our products, patterns or promote our business as time affords us – whether it’s in the morning, the late evening when we’re watching television, or just on the weekends.

Whenever you have a few spare minutes!

But I’m getting off track here. I wanted to tell you about this book set and why I think it’s the greatest resource I’ve found to date for making money with crafts…

The first book deals primarily with:

Which craft sells well? How to price your products?
And even some craft show tips…

The first ebook walks you through making money at home by:

  • creating products that sell fast ( you’ll be as busy as you want selling and making more to sell on your terms!),
  • pricing products for maximum profits – a lower price isn’t always better – see why…
  • cutting your cost of materials without lessening the quality of your finished products,
  • creating and offering quick crafts that increase your overall sales,
  • creating small, fast and easy-to-craft gift items that could easily double your profits!

And, if you’ll be attending craft shows you’ll also learn:

  • how to ensure that your booth or table stays busy with paying customers (which will only draw more customers over to see what all the fuss is about),
  • how to arrange your display to increase sales,
  • how to cater to the needs of the two distinct types of craft show shoppers,
  • what the third type of craft show shopper is and why you should avoid them (to the point of rudeness if need be!),
  • and finally, learn a master crafter’s secret trick to increase craft show profits by as much as 300%!

Crafting at Home, Selling at Shows, Plus Patterns!

In short, this first in the set ebook contains over 28 info packed pages on making crafts at home for money.

Plus you’ll get nearly 20 pages of patterns (to sell anywhere at varied prices). The most interesting and likely lucrative one in my opinion is the miniature thread bear pattern. You’ll learn inside why a 2" tall and fast to create, craft is sure to get you in profit fast.

Don’t stop reading now though…there’s three other books in this set!

How to Make Even More Money Crafting from Home…

The next eBook – Making Your Own Craft Designs

When you’ve tired of spending money on patterns, downloading free craft patterns online that don’t seem to work, or you’re ready to see your name in print (in all types of crafting magazines), you’ll be ready for this volume of the crafting ebook set.

You’ll learn:

  • a new way of observing every product or idea – this actually helps you to develop a " designer’s eye",
  • then, you’ll improve your design capabilities by using simple objects and an easy to learn technique within the book,
  • how to use normal every-day household objects and standard crafting supplies to design your own unique and treasured products,
  • Are you interested in doll clothing crafts? An entire section is devoted to designing crocheted dresses easily without using a pattern, sew doll’s clothing that fit perfectly, and more…
  • …plus many projects and examples to get your creative juices flowing!

It doesn’t matter what type of craft you like to make, or what your favorite hobby is. The techniques provided in this volume of the ebook set can be applied towards many crafting styles, no matter what your current skill level is.

And of course the next ebook in the set deals with getting others to sell your crafts for you – so you can concentrate more on making them – and raking in the profits!

Here’s where your home business – making crafts for money – gets even better…

Once you’ve learned the techniques of designing your own craft projects from home, you’ll then be the legal copyright owner. And, as owner, you can resell your craft patterns and instruction sheets for publication (in magazines, ezines, online or off!).

This next ebook teaches you how to:

Make Money from Home with Crafts – FAST!

This volume in the set is geared to really get the money rolling in for you with crafts in the shortest possible time.

Here’s some of what is included in this volume…

  • How to excite storeowners over selling your products.
  • What type of consignment agreement to use and the reasons why you need one!
  • How to pre-sell your craft products (even if you have no inventory ready to go!)
  • Why some of your products sell like hotcakes in one store, but collect dust in another…knowing this will save you time and increase your profits!

And, if you’re designing your own craft products…

You’ll learn:

  • how to protect your copyright on your designed projects,
  • how to increase your odds of being published and credited as a designer, (plus tips on how to professionally submit a product for higher success rates),
  • how to manage and protect designs you submit to magazines and crafting publications,
  • Ready for some real fun? How to self-publish your designs using your personal computer, to sell your craft project sheets online, in stores or at shows…

Plus a pile of other tips and techniques to take your home crafting business to the next income level – safely, legally, and lucratively.

Make More Money with Your Craft Business!

Finally, the last volume in this set will help you promote your craft business at home in the best possible way, for the lowest possible price, assisting you to make the most profits.

  • One mistake you should never, ever make when creating a craft catalog.
  • How to layout your products professionally, yourself (it’s easier than you think), plus how to showcase your best crafts.
  • When it makes more sense to create a brochure (instead of a catalog) and how to do it.
  • Do shipping terms make a difference to your sales and profits? You may be surprised to read the answer…
  • Here’s two affordable programs that make creating a craft catalog easy as pie…
  • A catalog creator’s secret techniques to ensure that you stand out from the crowd…
  • How to find the customers who want your catalogs…and your products!
  • Secret dollar-a-craft catalog trick…you’ll love this trick – it’s easy and profitable!
  • Home parties, sales people, consignment, internet? Which method works best for your crafts and your market?

One reader wrote:
"It appears that you really have a handle on this internet stuff, I wish I could have found a mentor such as yourself to help me in my journey to…entrepreneurship."
B. Griffin

All that and so much more….

There’s no way I can sum up all the information you’ll glean from this remarkable "Craft to Make Money from Home" set. Everything I’ve listed above is included in this extensive ebook set – plus much more.

It is simply everything you’ll need to start and run a home- based, money- making, craft business for profits. You’ll fast track to success, gaining from the years of experience of a fellow craft business owner.

When you buy the set you’ll be able to start reading all of it right away as it will download to your computer’s hard drive in just a few simple clicks. I’ll give you full instructions on how to save the files on your computer so you can easily find and read them at any time!

And, if you need any help at all, you’ll find contact links (plus a number of bonus patterns, products and craft courses) within the ebooks.

make-money-with-crafts Plus a bonus ebook…
Turning Trash into Profit!
Craft at Home to Make Money - eBook set image

How Much to Own the Craft at Home set?

Now you’re likely wondering how much all this information costs aren’t you? I hope you’re pleasantly surprised with my answer because I’m going to give you the best possible price I can on the entire set…

So go ahead and click the link below. Your order will be processed via PayPal – on their secure server. Immediately after payment you will be directed to the download page. If you have any trouble with the download, don’t hesitate to drop me a line here and I’ll do my best to help you.


P.S. Yikes! I guess I should tell you the price! Just $14.77 for the entire set. I have actually seen these crafting ebooks sell individually for more than the total price of all four here. And even if you only used 1/2 of the information within aren’t you just a little curious whether you have the time or talent to create your own catalog or get your crafts published in a magazine? I know I was!

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