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In the last 10 years has grown to proportions most unruly. In the country home articles you'll find everything from how to buy a farm, where to get a good deal on a used tractor, how to raise chickens and gardening.

You'll also read about home schooling,  recipes, and how to work at home. 

Country Home has been created to help you get to your country home - whether to first earn the money to buy your own, or some ideas on what to do when you get there.

As for me, it all happened by chance. I left the city behind (hence the name Goodbye City Life) to raise my daughter - nearly 14 years ago - and realized that even though I was a pretty smart city chick, my intelligence was practically neutered when it came to making my way in the country!

Growing Herbs at Home

Growing Vegetables at Home

Buying A Country Home

Raising Chickens at Home

Keeping Honey Bees at Home

Country Home Crafts

Country Home Cooking

Working At Home in the Country

There are over 200 articles on this site, so if you are looking for something else, please use the search box or the columns at right.

Thanks for visiting, see y'all real soon... 

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