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Meat and potatoes: A staple of farming life for generations.My home cooking is something I take a lot of pride in, but it isn’t as plain as many city folk might think!

No. Here in the country we need to cook meals at home as good or better than any specialty or ethnic restaurant in the city.

The entire section of GoodByeCityLife that addresses home cooking is under review and in update. Only the most popular recipes have been saved for you, and many more are in the midst of being turned into pages for our viewers.

Why Does Country Home Cooking Taste So Good?

I’m not certain…

Perhaps it’s the fresh air. After a day on the land or in the barn we’re all famished and we all know how good food tastes when you’re starving!

Perhaps it’s the fresh ingredients in home cooking. When you’ve raised it or grown it yourself you know precisely what you’re eating. Steroid free meat and poultry with vegetables fresh from the garden. Pickles made in your own kitchen. Bread kneaded by hand, not a machine.

Perhaps it’s the love that goes into every meal. I do know a few country women who never learned how to pull off those down home, made from scratch, country cooking. In their kitchens everything comes out of a can or out of the freezer. But many women in the country (even full time working mothers) are fantastic home cooks! The secret to their delicious meals? The love and attention they put into wholesome and healthy ingredients! They also learned how to put up huge batches of delicious foods and freeze them for later meals when time is short.

We’ll cover that too, in the home cooking section.

If you’re looking for the ultimate country home or country living experience, then settle in and have a look around!

There’s lots here, and lots more coming, on:

as well as…

  • farming,
  • raising animals,
  • country cooking and crafts, and
  • even a little bit on home schooling!

You’re actually in the Country Cooking recipes section of the site at the moment – but everything is getting ported over to this new location so as you click around you might find yourself on pages that look a little different, for now.

Back in the old days, the kitchen was the busiest spot in the house. Homesteads of the past were so focused on gathering, preparing and sharing foods, so it’s only fitting that this section of our country living site is the busiest!

Recipes – Recipes for some wholesome food staples as well country candies and treats.

How-to – A list of questions, and links to the pages with the answers in the form of Informative articles on topics such as how to make wine, butter, cheese and breads. Plus you’ll find pickling your garden harvest and using your old-fashioned cook stove and crocks. You do have a cookstove and some pottery crocks don’t you?

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Country Living enthusiast Laura Childs was a downtown city girl for many years before heading to the hills to live a sustainable lifestyle, raise her daughter, get back to the land, and learn the time tested traditions of a simpler era.

Throughout her farm life adventures of raising animals, working from home, home schooling her daughter, and being more green, Laura Childs has been sharing on the GoodByeCityLife website through articles and personal musings since 1998.

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