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Spy Gear Video Tracker

The Spy Gear Video Tracker is a remote controlled vehicle with an array of features is quite rare and is actually considered as a must-buy toy for boys. This type of toy is ...

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Interactive FiJIT Friends


This FiJIT Friends review, video, and feature list will help you decide if this is the perfect gift for a young girl on your Christmas list. Personally, unless your daughter has specifically asked ...

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Perfect Christmas Family Portraits


There is some squabbling about whether or not family Christmas pictures should be taken at home or whether the family should go to a professional photographer. What’s the right answer? Both! You should ...

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Family Traditions at Christmas

Family Photos Christmas

Being part of a family inevitably means there will be traditions passed down through the years. Many people share specific Christmas traditions with their family that they learned from their own families growing ...

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Christmas Toys For Children


If you’re still pondering what you can get your kids or young relatives for Christmas, this handy checklist can make your shopping experience a whole lot easier. It might also help to download ...

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Planning to Home School


The nice part about home schooling is that there are so many styles to choose from. Choosing a style that suits your child will help him to learn quicker and make education fun. ...

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Foam Sheet Craft Ideas


This is a great craft for a one-hour session with children in the church, at camp, or even young child’s art classes. Of course crafts always fit in the home school environment as ...

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Socialization Concerns for the Home Schooled Child


When first researching home-schooling a parent’s initial worries revolve around these very issues. So when we are faced with the "Aren’t you concerned about socialization?" question, we are well armed. The answers we ...

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What’s Wrong With Our Public School System?


What’s the Hype about Home Schools? "Factory educations" — traditional schools — are said to be ruining our children’s minds. A forced curricula, the stress of constant testing (therefore labeling) and imposing our ...

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Structuring Your Home School Year


Once you’ve decided that home schooling your child or children may be a viable option, your next step may be to begin preparing your home schooling schedule. Some questions that will arise are ...

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