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Home Schooling: A Better Education


There is no doubt as to how technology has revolutionized the way people live today. One area that had proved difficult in the past but are much easier today, is home schooling. Previously ...

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Baby Games: Learning Into Pre-School

Whether you are planning on home schooling in the future or you just want to play meaningful and fun games with your child to enhance and enrich their lives, this article discusses some ...

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Home School Success


You, more than anyone else, want your child to reach their full potential. That is the first and most important step towards home school success. The education a child can receive from a ...

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Can I Home School My Kids?


Everybody can home school. All fifty states legally approve the practice of homeschooling. What differs from state to state are the laws governing the home schooler’s curriculum (or program of learning). When asking ...

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Homeschool: Life Lesson


Veronica and I home school in every moment that we’re together. We home school while we’re driving down the highway, while we’re at the bank, and even while we’re shopping. Let’s face it, ...

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Finding Craft Ideas for Summer Kids


Are you searching for new craft ideas that will increase your children’s skill level or development? Or perhaps maybe you feel like you are just not a creative type and you’re struggling with ...

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Foster A Child’s Love For Reading


I am fortunate to have a child who loves to read. This, to me, only makes sense as I love to read as well. But while taking stock of others in my life ...

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Switching Your Family A Vegan Diet


Having just written a book about raising farm animals (with a future intent to filling your freezer) there were moments of remembrance of the day I once was a vegetarian. Moments of further ...

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Country Kids Crafts


Have you heard, “I’m bored,” coming from the mouth of your child lately and not known what to do about it? If you’re growing weary of coming up with new ideas to keep ...

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Top Four Home Schooling Styles


For many, the thought of home schooling calls to mind a picture of two or three children sitting at a kitchen table and writing feverishly in workbooks. Mom or dad is standing by ...

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