Frustrations In Parenting

If you have new parents in your Facebook friends list you know doubt read regular accounts of frustrations in parenting. I do my best to support my friends but sometimes I have to wonder why they took on such a heady task of raising a child if all they were going to do was complain […]

Math for Home Schoolers

Math caused the most angst for Veronica and I as we home schooled. As a child in school myself I didn’t have a fondness for math – although my marks were better than average – and was certain th ere would be no way, shape or form that I’d be able to teach her anything […]

Unschool, Eclectic, Montessori or Mason?

So you’re planning on homeschooling. That’s great, I’m behind you all the way! I home schooled my daughter Veronica off and on for many years and couldn’t think of a better way to raise a wonderful, well-adjusted and intelligent person. Have you considered which method or style you’ll follow though? Not that you’ll ever have […]

Online Home Schooling

Home schooling has many advantages, from the academic, social, moral to the religious point of view while several parents cite other child-centered reasons (like their children’s health or safety). When we first started home schooling – over 13 years ago in 1998 – the term online schooling were two words unspoken together. Just like the […]

Home Schooling: Loose By Definition Is Best

Home schooling is geared towards your child in a one-on-one manner. You can create a particular curriculum suited to your child, and teach in a way works best for him or her. It is for these reasons, not to mention the economic benefits when you consider the costs associated with private schools, that many parents […]

Spend More Time With Your Children?

The pros and cons of homeschooling are many, but do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? With total control over your child’s homeschooling needs you have the flexibility to teach your child values that cannot be taught in a public classroom. On the other hand your time will not be as free as it used to […]

Potty Training Your Toddler

Summer is on the horizon and this may be the perfect time to begin potty training your toddler. Clothes are lighter and easier to wash which seriously cuts down on the frustrations of parents during this time. Being well prepared for potty training makes this as easy as possible for your toddler. I have only […]

Teach A Child To Read

It may be because I am a reader and because I love to write that I instilled a love of reading into my own child. I didn’t actually teach my child to read per se, I just allowed reading to be a part of our lives. Teach your child to read by example. Start young […]

Why Choose Home Schooling?

Many parents believe that home schooling can provide their children a custom and complete education, which many believe is inaccessible in private or public schools. Home schooling is known to be the traditional method of teaching. Some parents also feel that along with education on various subjects, religious education is equally necessary. Most times it […]

Considering HomeSchooling

Considering home schooling? According to the U.S. Department of Education, the number of students being home-schooled is over 1 million families and growing. While there are many philosophies and approaches to home schooling, all parents want to see their children reach their full potential. As a homeschooler one of the most important tasks for you […]