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Ceramic Rooster in All Shapes and Sizes

With the interest in French decorating there’s no animal more celebrated than the barnyard rooster! It’s only fitting then that we find them throughout the house as ceramic statues, sculptures, cookie jars, canisters and more.

Have a look at some of the treats you can buy online as gifts or as a way to breathe some new and fun life into your home.

Beautifully crafted and hand painted. (you can see the detailing and the fine work. He’s the rooster in my memories. As close to the popular favorite from the 50s that I’ve found yet. He’ll be a hit with anyone collecting ceramic roosters to bring the ‘days gone by’ look into their home.

image - Classic Posed Rooster StatueUnique Ceramic RoosterNearly 12" tall in a realistic pose - Rooster

This guy actually comes in 4 different sizes, from the very small (5 3/4" high) to the very large (22" high). Prices range from $8-$110.

I found all these ceramic roosters online while I was shopping for a collector friend of mine.

Imagine the many places you could display this fanciful guy…at first glance your visitors will think you have a real rooster in the house!

Rich country tones, realistic pose and finish and make of a cold cast resin – this rooster is easy to clean and beautifully detailed.

Here’s one you don’t see everyday. This one is called a Chinese Rooster, yet even though I’m a bit of a chicken breed expert I’ve never seen a real one of these. However, I thought you might like to see something a little out of the ordinary. This gray toned ceramic rooster stands over 20" high and is a bit pricey at nearly $200.

My favorite pose of all the rooster! I just love the deep, country primitive colors used on this rooster – not to mention his powerful posture. You can tell he’s giving everything he’s got to make his sound heard!

This rooster is actually made from resin not ceramic (you’d never know the difference unless you dropped it – and then you’d be presently surprised at it’s durability).

The best deal of all rooster sculptures I think!Rooster Crowing Statue - imageCountry Decor - Hand painted rooster - image

This guy is definitely a hot deal for a gorgeous piece! Less than $40, almost 11" high and hand painted. He also is made of cold cast resin (like many others here) which pretty much assures a long life for this guy.

If there’s a rooster collector in your life and you’re trying to find a unique gift, this one’s a sure bet. The warm autumn colors make him quite a show and his unique stance and surroundings (he’s got berries at his feet!) give him that ‘one of a kind’ look and appeal. Hand painted of course! Under $40 and nearly 12" tall.

Realistic in coloration, and just different enough to truly stand out as a special gift to an avid collector. You don’t find these types of rooster statues often because they don’t fit the ‘traditional’ ceramic rooster ‘look’.

Definitely created and intended for the avid rooster collector who has one of every other.

More ceramic roosters at the country store.Speckled Rooster - image

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