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Bread Recipes | A Varied Collection of the Best Homemade Bread Recipes

Bread Recipes From GoodByeCityLife

Dear Country Living Friend:

Can you take a deep breath and imagine the delicious smell of bread baking in the oven? Or perhaps you have experienced it before when walking by a bakery? Maybe at a friend’s house who was baking bread when you stopped by…

OH! And let’s drop the smells for a moment and remember the absolute exquisite taste of a slice off the perfect loaf, still warm from the oven…

Let me ask you…

Have you tried to bake bread before and found it was time-consuming, messy and had less than perfect results?

Would you like to have recipes that work for over 23 types of bread including cross-cultural varieties? (Italian, Mexican, etc.?)

Are you concerned about the additives and chemicals in your family’s bread supply?

Quite a few years back, I had these same concerns and desires!

But no more!

I’ve researched, tested, taught others, then tested some more — and I’m pleased to present to you – Pro Bread Secrets.

In a few short minutes you could have the answers, the knowledge, and the recipes of an experienced bread baker that will ensure you bake great bread every time!

This ebook guides you through the entire process of baking healthy and delicious bread, as well as many of my trade secrets to perfect, delicious bread every time. You’re no exception – this little ebook has even taken folks sworn off of ever baking bread again and turned them into fanatics!

Baking Bread Cook Book

In the tutorial:

  • you’ll uncover the few simple steps (and the often overlooked Success Tips) to baking great bread, and
  • how one small error can result in less than delicious results, and
  • how to easily avoid that error EVERY TIME you make bread from now on.

Are you worried that bread-making is an art – something that eludes you?

Let me assure you that anyone can bake great bread by following my tutorial on baking bread and these bread recipes. Anyone can do it in 8 steps! Buy the book, you’ll find the tutorial as well as a full page of ingredient substitutions and more helpful advice in the Table of Contents. All directly before the bread recipe listings.

Plus – You’ll have my guarantee that:

  • bread-making is easy when you know how (you’ll see just how easy when you read the brief tutorial!) Most people mess only one thing up and end up with less than perfect bread!
  • homemade bread is more nutritious and delicious than anything you could buy pre-packaged in your grocery store.
  • these bread recipes will work for you (if you can follow directions and use fresh ingredients).

That’s a lot of value for under $5! Yes, this answer to baking great bread is only $4.99 and I’m only ever an email away if you run into any troubles with your loaves.

Would you like the recipe for White Bread that is easy to make, tastes fresh baked even when it’s been frozen for a month and everyone I know loves? It is in the book! This recipe makes 10 loaves of the most delicious fresh white bread you’ll ever taste.

You get your own 40+ page ebook which includes a tutorial, knowledge base and recipes. You can place your new bread book on your computer’s desktop and access it at any time or save it to a thumb drive, disk or access it on an Android-powered cell phone for that matter. It’s just like having a mini recipe website for delicious home made breads right on your computer (you don’t need to be online to access the recipes, they’re all right at your fingertips).

 Yes! I want to get started today baking great bread!

Then let’s get to it and see if you can’t get the perfect loaf out of your oven by the time your family gets rallied around the dinner table.

  1. You can order the ebook from our country living book store.

  2. This book is also available for the Kindle reading device and on sale for the next few weeks at Amazon through their special promotions.

Laura Childs

P.S.: I know there are plenty of free recipes on the net…I’ve tried many of them – and never one with the amazing results I consistently get using these tried and true bread recipes. Sad, but true – you get what you pay for and online that can very often be bread recipes that just don’t work.

P.P.S: Your purchase will be made through PayPal’s secure server. You will be sent an email receipt just moments after your purchase from PayPal. I will also send you an email that contains the download link to the ebook. More importantly though, once your payment is made you can click “Return to Merchant” and instantly view and download your own copy of the book.

P.P.P.S: Still a bit nervous about paying for a stranger’s claim that you these bread recipes are the best? Here’s a personal introduction to Laura Childs and what I believe in. GoodByeCityLife is my personal website originally created for friends and family but you can also read more about me at www.LauraJChilds.com. Finally, the contact form below goes straight to my home email address so if you need me I won’t be more than one comment away. (I just can’t post my actual email address here because of the online spammers and I’ve got too much to do to spend my time deleting spam-mail all day). Your comment below will not be posted to the website (all are held in moderation but immediately forwarded to my home account) and I usually reply within 24 hours – sometimes 48.

Too busy to bake bread you say? Me too!

Here’s a Tip: Find one or two recipes in the book that you and your family love, then make up large batches of it. Bread, whether you are baking 1 loaf or 10 loaves takes basically the same amount of time.

Another Tip: If you don’t have time to make a batch of loaf bread you can still treat your family and eat healthier by baking a non-yeast dinner roll, egg based popovers or a stack of homemade Pita Breads in 15 minutes.

There’s an answer for every meal or event. 23 varied, tried-and-true recipes, tested by a number of cooks, in many kitchens, with all types of ovens.

It’s easier than you think! You can learn all you need to know in 10 minutes.

A Few Testimonials from Earlier Years

I would collect more but life is so busy and I’d rather be baking bread than marketing or publishing pages on the topic! :)

"Honestly, I didn’t believe you at first. I actually ordered your ebook just to prove you wrong. You see, I’ve never been able to bake really good bread, even though I make great cookies and pies.

"Your tutorial and recipes are the missing keys! I can’t hardly believe it – but I thank you for taking the time to put it all together!" June Shofield, USA

"Thank you Laura! In the last week I have successfully made pita breads, skinny french breads and that delicious Muesli bread recipe in your book (I know this is your personal favorite and I think it might be mine now as well)." Sue C. — Port Colborne, Ont.

"I’ve downloaded so many recipes from the web and had differing results (usually frustrating). The recipes in your book always turn out great though, especially now I know the main secret to making great bread…" MaryJane — West Virginia

"I was happy to be one of your testers for these recipes…I don’t go anywhere else but your software on my desktop now for great results baking bread."

Steve — U.K.

"I loved this ebook/software. It was nicely laid out, easy to read and my bread is great now – still can’t believe just a few simple changes to the way I made it before could make such a big difference!"

Margaret — Toronto, Ontario

"Having never been successful at bread making, I was loath to bake bread again. But after eating a slice of Laura’s bread, (which was the best I’ve ever had!), I thought I would give bread baking one more try using her methods and recipes.

"My husband and son are thrilled! I have had nothing but perfectly wonderful, tasty bread every time I have baked since. A definite success! I would recommend this recipe book to anyone! A heartfelt thanks to Laura, especially from my ‘boys’. I am a hero in my own home." Jennifer Foster, Boulter, Ontario

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or would like to leave a review. If you don’t want your question published, please say so in your comment. If you need help or a personal response, I will answer.

About Laura Childs

Country Living enthusiast Laura Childs was a downtown city girl for many years before heading to the hills to live a sustainable lifestyle, raise her daughter, get back to the land, and learn the time tested traditions of a simpler era.

Throughout her farm life adventures of raising animals, working from home, home schooling her daughter, and being more green, Laura Childs has been sharing on the GoodByeCityLife website through articles and personal musings since 1998.

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