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Cattle Disease and Sickness

Cows are fairly resilient animals, not often falling prey to disease and sickness, but you should be deworming cattle and know which illnesses are common and how to treat and prevent them.

If you are planning on raising cattle it would be prudent to have a book on hand and to learn about the various complications that may take place. This is especially important if you are buying calves or planning on having calves on your land one day.

Cattle Housing and Needs

Do you need to know about cattle housing? Keeping cattle on a small farm requires very little in the way of weather protection and housing. Even in extreme weather conditions cattle will manage outside through most of it. The most popular method is to allow cattle an open-air pole barn or shelter. Should you choose […]

How to Raise A Cow

GoodByeCityLife’s newest book on raising beef. This digital ebook was written and edited by GoodByeCityLife’s author and editors to assist more people in understanding how easily and affordably they can take back the responsibility of feeding their family with a healthy alternative to feedlot cattle and commercially controlled dairy products. You can raise your own […]

Raising Angora Goats

GoodByeCityLife author Laura Childs has recently released a new book specifically for people interested in raising the Angora goat breed. The book, initially published on Amazon for the Kindle reading device as Angora Goats: A Country Girl’s Guide (Country Girl’s Guides), is now available for your enjoyment for the PC or MAC (your home computer) […]

Pet and Livestock Vaccinations

I know this is a sensitive topic for some, so I’ll try to stay in between the lines and not place any of my own beliefs around vaccinations for pets and livestock into this article. Everyone should make their own minds, and will need to live with the consequences behind vaccinating or not vaccinating their […]

Country Living With Dogs

How we love our dogs! And with good reason… Favorite Farm Dogs Many dogs are suitable for farm life, but the most common are the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd breeds. These dogs have been chosen for their herding capabilities, their dedication to their owner and property, and their ability to learn quickly. They don’t […]