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Raising A Small Herd of Cattle

Who knows? It might be fun raising a small herd of cattle – and really, it isn’t that demanding of your time. If you have a few acres or own a small hobby farm – even if you are farming another animal type or agricultural endeavor – you can easily add a few head of […]

Buying and Raising Meat Goats

I am not from this website, but am a goat rancher up north of Napa (2 hours north of the Bay Area). You can visit our YouTube channel at http://www.YouTube.com/SnowRanchCA. Just doing some rainy day web research on goats and updating our plans for the next year today when I stumbled upon your website. We’ve […]

The Meet Up – Raising Goats on A Farm

She came into the ring, her babe at her side, looking just a little nervous, but very bright and attentive. Her coat was shiny and her eyes were bright, the baby at her side about a week old. They started the bidding and I thought, “I’ll just watch, I wonder what a goat sells for […]

Tags, Tattoos and Micro-Chips

Some form of pet identification is a necessity these days due to licensing needs, laws and bylaws across the United States and Canada – but it is also a way to protect yourself from ever losing your dog permanently. Licensing originally began as a way to reduce the numbers of the stray dog menaces in […]

New on Raising Pigs

Watched the news lately? Specifically the news about chemical and medication residue left in the meat we buy at the grocery store? Although most news stories have focused on the obscene feeding practices of cattle and the horrendous living conditions for poultry, I’ll hazard a guess that a large percentage of North American pigs are […]

Pet and Livestock Vaccinations

I know this is a sensitive topic for some, so I’ll try to stay in between the lines and not place any of my own beliefs around vaccinations for pets and livestock into this article. Everyone should make their own minds, and will need to live with the consequences behind vaccinating or not vaccinating their […]