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Top Tips for Chicken Coop Designs

Whether you live in the country or in the city* you can get fresh eggs out of a backyard chicken coop every morning with minimal cost and chores. Raising chickens is a fun hobby for all age groups and can lead to a small farm income for those willing to put the effort into it. […]

Building A Chicken Coop

My short article on building coops that are on the small size to raise chickens in yesterday stirred quite a few questions, so I’ll try to elaborate on the difference between stationary coops and mobile chicken coops to help you make your decision on which to build. Building Coops: First Decision, Mobile Or Fixed? A […]

Chicken Tractors and Arks

Rather than build a large coop for your flock of chickens, consider the growing trend of building smaller, portable coops – dubbed chicken tractor and chicken ark. These smaller coops aren’t just for city folk hoping to keep a few contained chickens in their backyard – country folk with acres of land are also using […]

Raising Chickens

“Hey City Girl, you got a heat lamp for raising those baby chicks?” I wasn’t sure at first he was talking to me, that old farmer who’d just sold me 20 day old chickens, and whom I was walking away from… "A heat lamp for raising chickens? You mean I can’t just…" That’s how it […]

Raising Dairy or Beef Cows

Raising cattle is not for the faint-hearted! Far too often farmers grow a deep fondness for each of their cows – something that takes them by the heart unexpectedly… Are Cows Stupid Creatures? A popular myth is that cows are simple creatures – not very smart. Yet studies have shown that they are actually the […]

The Chicken Coop

The simplest coop to build is a square building with one roof and two doors – one for you and one for the chickens. Make the coop tall enough that you can stand easily for chores throughout the year. Make it large enough for the quantity of chickens you desire, plus room to add a […]